WWTD Dilemna: Bar Cabinet Or……

Hey all, I’m back with another round of What Would Tina Do!  I have a tendency to think outside of the (wine) box , which is where this idea sprouted from (not a box per se I’m a more bottle girl).  Anyway see a need, figure out a creative solution to fit the need! In this case what to do with all of our barware?

Before kitchen reno, bar area

When we were renovating our kitchen 2 years ago (check out my kitchen series posts starting here)  we were eliminating our butlers pantry by opening up that wall to make it a bar space looking into our family room.

bar kitchen DIY renovation home decor boxcar countertop

Now it looks like this

Eliminating this wall left us with a small wall at the entry into the kitchen as our only option that made sense to put all of our, now homeless, barware.

It’s the little wall on the left right before the archway.  You can see how small it is with the wall ending on the left and the arch on the right.

But because of the size of the wall, putting cabinets on it didn’t make any sense and would make it feel disjointed.  I knew we needed something to hold all of our stuff so I began searching for a stand alone cabinet that would fit here, add another design element all while serving as a functional piece.

What I thought would be an easy task turned out not to be so easy.  Every cabinet I looked at was too tall, too short, too wide, too deep or too expensive.  Frustration ensued while I began brainstorming other solutions.

One particular visit to the RH Outlet (during a big sale, of course!) I had an idea to look at bathroom cabinets, yes BATHROOM cabinets!  They were taller than regular bar cabinets, skinnier and about the right depth.

We found a really pretty one that would compliment the kitchen cabinets and bring some warmth with the light wood tone, the dimensions were right and it was seriously marked down.   It was a bit of a risk but I was relatively sure it would work.

We brought it home and installed a glasses rack we had saved from demoing our bar area.  We just cut the rack in half so we could fit the narrower cabinet, screwed it to the shelf and we had a barware cabinet!  Who needs to know it was intended for a bathroom?!

bar cabinet bathroom diy solution decor storage kitchen

Yeah, we keep some basic medicine on the top shelf we’re super classy like that.  (And the only ones who can reach it are myself, my husband and our freakishly tall 5’9  13 year old)

bar cabinet diy storage solution kitchen decor

There she is in all her lovely glory!  Works for us perfectly, the drawers hold manuals for things we want to reference regularly, along with some odds and ends things so it’s nice to have that extra storage.  Where there’s a will there’s a way I always say!

Stay tuned for the next WWTD, I’ve got an awesome solution for a jewelry display to share!  (and it’s not hooks!)

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