Who Is Eclectic Twist? 10 Fun Facts About Me!

There has been a very cool trend happenin over on Instagram lately, where folks are sharing more about who they are.  Random tidbits and facts that give you some insight into the peeps behind the feed. I thought it would be fun to take part, although instead of loading up a caption, that I would share it here.  I mean the about me page only shows so much amiright?

Some things about me I’m guessin ya didn’t know…..

1.  You can tell my current state of mind by the color of my hair.  Yep, I change my hair ALMOST as often as I change my decor.  I get bored easily and as my mindset changes so does my look.  If I’m purples or blues I’m feelin fun and adventurous ready for anything and if I’m reds or pinks I’m feelin all kinds of “I dare ya”  and “bring it bitches” badass.  Also sidenote, I have had every normal hair color (from blondes to reds to almost black) and a rainbow of fashion colors (from purples to pinks to blues and mermaid teal).

2. I have a rather irrational fear of mice.  2 words……Ninja Mouse.  True story.  When we were just finishing our kitchen renovation around 3 and half years ago there was a mouse (our reno involved moving plumbing in our basement/foundation, which meant cutting holes in our floor and they forgot to plug up around the pipe so rogue mouse came up through the hole).  I came into my newly almost finished kitchen to start dinner when I see a mouse on the counter.  I decide best plan of action would be to trap said mouse under a bowl so I can somehow get it out of the house.  Except this mouse was INSANELY fast and not only did I not trap the mouse but it ran back and forth taunting me across the counters culminating in ninja karate kick jumping AT ME, landing next to my foot and scurrying back under the cabinet it came from.  I have never screamed such a high pitched bloody dying scream in my life.  I live in horror to this day.  Ninja mouse has officially ruined me forever.

3.  My biggest pet peeves are rudness and bad drivers.  If you can’t be polite to someone I ain’t got time for that.  Kindness is free and requires nothing extra.  And bad driving, just no excuses amiright?!  10 miles under the speed limit, WTF.  Or swerving in and out of traffic with no blinkers, bro you’re gonna cause an accident.

4. I won’t eat any raw meat.  I understand that sushi is amazing and people are obsessed but I just can’t do it.  I have this insane fear of food poisoning and eating anything bleeding or not cooked translates to higher potential for hugging the porcelain throne.  (I am aware that this is also rather irrational) My husband has been slowly getting me from steak well done to medium well….and it’s taken 17 years so far.

5. I can chat all day long with anyone I don’t know, but I’m strangely awkward socially if it gets past that point in a friendship.

6.  I can wiggle my ears (something my great grandfather could also do).  My kids think it’s hilarious and none of them have been able to do it yet.   But it’s my one funky talent.

7. I have zero interior design education, everything I do is from the gut and trial and error.  Fun fact, I initially started out trying farmhouse.

8. I am ridiculously clumsy.  I broke my foot (as an adult….stone cold sober) stepping off a curb, coming out of a liquor store no less.  I wish I was lying.  Embarrassing.  I have also dropped a vintage leaded mirror on my foot and accidentally broke a window that cut my wrist (centimeters from the important vein) when I was prego with our oldest.  There’s much more but those are a few highlights.

9.  I am horrendous at math.  So bad in fact, I thought I won $1000 on a scratch off ticket (my hubs picked up a couple for fun once).  I was screeching in delight only to have my husband tell me “babe, that equals 22 not 21” and effectively killing my dream of winning any money.  I’m not allowed to do any Math with anything important anymore.

10. I had a mommy makeover after our 4th was born and it was the best thing I ever did for myself!  Cause knee knockin boobies and a tummy that looks like way too much bread dough that can’t be stuffed or manhandled into the bread pan just wasn’t helpin my self esteem.  Highly recommend!  Mama got her sexy back and I ain’t mad about it.

Clearly I have no probs being open and honest about the real hot mess deal up in here.  How about you?!  I’d love to hear more from you as to quirky facts or fun things that make you you!  Hit me up in the comments or if you are more comfortable email is awesome too!

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