What Would Tina Do? Paint the Ugly Frames!

I’m starting a fun new series called “What Would Tina Do?”  and it’s going to focus on how I would update/change items around the home, items that you can buy really cheaply and how to think outside the box.

First up in this super fun series are some frames that have been bugging me for a long while.  I bought these paintings (all originals) all from Home Goods over the course of a few years and while I love the paintings I hated the frames.  They felt cheaply “antique” .  I am not a big fan of new items that are made to look old.  On top of that they overpowered the artwork, the frames took more attention from the eye than the actual paintings.  I always meant to paint them, but alas, time got a hold of me and I never got around to it.

Not today my friends, I have been on a painting binge and these bad boys did not escape my attention.  I went around the house and pulled every one off the wall and prepared to paint them.

First we had to remove the canvas from the frames and since these were nailed or stapled in we ended up deciding the easiest and least damaging way of removing them was by using a file and just prying or popping them out the back.  It ended up working perfectly, not damaging the frames or the pieces themselves.

Then I took them outside and painted them with a few coats of Rustoleum Spray Chalk Paint in Linen White.  It ended up taking almost 4 cans of paint in a few even coats to get them all done. (This pic shows how I first started, with them on a tarp but I quickly decided this wasn’t ideal, as any breeze would blow the tarp and grass bits around.  We set up our saw horses and put some old sheets of plywood we had stashed in the garage on top to make a makeshift table.  This worked SO much better!)

(This pic was mid way through the painting process, right before I put them up on the saw horse table)

Once dry we placed the paintings back in their frames and stapled them back in with a staple gun. TIP:  Make sure you pay attention to which way the painting is facing in conjunction with where the hanging tabs are on the back!

Voila, brand new frames that allow the art to shine while providing a subtle compliment!

They look so much better and now I see the paintings much more than the frames.  A quick, easy and inexpensive change that makes a big difference!  I’m telling ya, a can of spray paint gives you a completely new piece so stock a few in the basement for those quick DIY change ups!

Keep your eyes peeled for my next “What Would Tina Do” post!  Do you have any quick and easy DIY ideas you would like to share?  I’d love to hear about them!

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