What is “Maximalism?”

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I talked a bit about what boho/bohemian is here. Since I identify as a maximalist as well as a boho babe I thought I would try to give you a bit of a definition or at least an understanding as to what a maximalist style is.

If you follow my IG or blog you know I am not afraid of taking risks and going balls to the walls bold if I feel it’s perfect for the space.  Maximalism and boho are similar in the respect of not restricting yourself or your style to fit any specific ideology.  I like boho as it references a free spirit mentality while maximalism really let’s you go for it all the way, a real “no rules allowed bring it ALL in” approach.

Texture upon texture upon color upon pattern!

It’s a form of self expression that allows for a big element of creative freedom.  Do you love several styles of furniture?  Do you have a passion for several different collections of items?  Share them in a cohesive design style and you have achieved a form of maximalism. Maximalism is a balance of complexity, a balanced chaos.  It borders on “too much” and just enough.  It’s about enjoying and leaving it to the beautiful things around you to do the talking.

My entry and office.  You can see all of the different patterns, styles, colors and pieces! (See more of my office here!)

I have more fun playing with anything beautiful!  It makes design my passion and gives me a creative outlet to express myself and my loves, if you love it all why not use it all amiright?!  A very more is more is fabulous approach!

I want to encourage all of you to bring it out.  Show me what you got and who you are!  I am happy to help if possible, hit me up in email, I’m also available to do e-design if you are stuck…on a limited basis so let me know asap!

Materials, colors, textures and more!  I have a mix of vintage, new, handmade and big box store items in here.

I think this world is in desperate need of more color, life and happiness.  How about we start bringing some back in?

So where do you fit in?  Are you a maximalist?  A bohemian?  Are you a combo like me?  I always love to hear from you so hit me up in the comments or shoot me an email!

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