Trends….Too Follow or Not to Follow

home decor interior design on trend emerald green blush pink mixed metals


Just like with anything else there are trends for home decor and interior design.  Trends are like bell bottoms, they rotate around until they are “hot” again.  Some of the hot trends right now are blush pink, deep emerald greens, mixed metals and gold.  With these trends changing annually, many times seasonally are they really something you should pay attention too and implement in your own space?


home decor interior design on trend emerald green blush pink mixed metals living room office black vintage

I decided on this black and blush pink combo before finding out it was on trend.  I guess you could say I followed one!  (here’s a link to see this whole space)

In a word yes….and no.  Confusing I know, what do you mean yes and no?  It all depends, do you love having the most trendy space and don’t mind the upkeep it takes to stay on top of the heap? (catch the little rhyme diddly I did there?!)  Then definitely yes, go for it!  Have fun changing up your spaces to reflect the most current and on point trend.  Just be prepared for the maintenance of those trends changing.

Why do I say no?  Trends come and go.  Remember that shag carpet in lime green and yellow was THE thing to have in your house at one time.  As were avocado green appliances and linoleum patterned flooring to match.  Granite was and still is in some places all the rage.  Trends run the gamut of style and not every trend is going to be something every person likes.  You can pay attention to what is “in” right now and definitely decide if it’s something you really like or not and go from there.

home decor interior design on trend emerald green blush pink mixed metals master bedroom forest canopy bed patina wall lavender sheepskin

Our master bedroom, combo of old and new trends (not on purpose)  Lavender walls were painted 4 years ago before lavender was the color of the year, and the “emerald green” patinaed wall we did last fall which is the color for this year.

What are my personal thoughts on trends and how do I approach them?  I must say I don’t really pay attention to trends.  I notice when things are “in” but it doesn’t automatically mean I’m going to do it.  I march by the beat of my own drums and rarely is it in tempo with the band.  HOWEVER, an interesting thing has happened on more than one occasion.  I have done something because I liked it and it wasn’t considered a trend at the time, within the next couple of years became all the rage. One example would be our pale lavender walls in our master bedroom.  I painted them that color because we found it soothing and relaxing even though it was considered to be a little girls room color.  A year or so later, light purple was the color of the year.

home decor interior design on trend emerald green blush pink mixed metals kitchen industrial copper la cornue cornufe marble soapstone

Mixing metals, totally considered not chic when we redid our kitchen a little over 3 years ago.  (whole series under DIY on how to design and source your own kitchen remodel!)  I didn’t care, I wanted to mix metals and get a more curated and interesting look (after all I HATE matchy matchy) so I did a polished nickel faucet, brass and mother of pearl knobs, iron and brass finish on the light fixture, patinaed copper hood and polished copper knobs on the stove.  Now it’s THE thing to do! My point here is, not to toot my own horn (to continue the band reference), but to show you that just because it isn’t hot right now doesn’t mean it won’t be in the near future (if that matters to you).  And if it is, you can have the glory of saying “I did it before it was the in thing to do!”  Before ya go all crazy like, there are a few exceptions like the lime green shag and avocado appliances, those are just never right.

home decor interior design on trend emerald green blush pink mixed metals floor concrete modern metals

Here’s a floor we did in a similar treatment to the bedroom wall above.  Trend or no I love it!

As I always say “go with your gut and do you”  No one can tell you the perfect shade to paint your room based on a trend or the best kitchen cabinet style because it’s THE style right now.  So much of home decor and design is about your personality and bringing that to light in a cohesive, fun and comforting way.  Trends are trends for a reason, they come and go but YOU don’t so neither should your home decor spaces.  (unless you are prepared for the maintenance and upkeep of changing everything regularly, in which case. I bow to you oh mighty incredible design one because that would be ahhmazing)  If you want to try something out, say the beautiful emerald greens that are so in right now, go for it!  Try it out in accessories like pillows, throws, books on the table, picture frames, etc.  If you are more bold rock it on the wall!  You can totally paint over it if you don’t love it.  Just know what you are willing to go for and what you’re not.

What are your thoughts on trends?  Are you a fan of trends and always following the newest thing coming out?   I would love to hear form you whether you’re a trender or not!  Hit up the comments below and share your opinions! And if ya like what ya see here, feel free to follow the ole blog and mouse on over to the subscribe so you catch all the lastest and greatest!


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