Tips to Add Personality to Your Space

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I talk a lot about personality and adding it to your space because it’s uber importante for your home to feel like you!  I’m going to give you some tips on how to do that!  It can be overwhelming to think about when you are starting from scratch or don’t know where to begin so I’m going to break it down easy peasy!


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At the risk of sounding like a broken record I’ma say it anyway…color!  One of the easiest ways to add personality to your space!  Use your favorite color or colors in your decor.  If you want colors but not maja commitment (i.e. painted walls or furniture) colors, use it in your artwork, your pillows, and accessories.  Here you can see a I have a soothing lilac on the walls but a big hit of color in the artwork.  The accessories balance it all out.


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Play with different types of materials you love.  I am a big nature person so wood is an obvious choice for me to implement in the house.  Just temper your love affair and choose strategic places to use it.  Here I put it in an art niche which completely changes the feel of this hallway!  I also have my love of animals ALL over the house.  This is Bob the Ram, who recently got a makeover with a seafoam color and he looks mighty fab against that wood!  And the pillow looks like 2 of our pups!


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Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles that speak to you.  Go ahead and start small if it makes you nervous, a side table or piece of art that’s a different style than the rest of your stuff. You can see my family room here and I’ve got a touch of it all!  Rustic, modern, classic, glam, global, vintage and industrial.  More of my love of animals is present in here with that little elephant on the right, the deer artwork and the elephant on the fireplace!


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Here is a nice shot of accessories.  Accessories offer a perfect opportunity to bring in some personality.  On that back table I have art books both new and vintage and in english and german (a nod to my heritage and my hubs love of the language) a blue (my fave color) inlay box and old blowtorch mixed with my fave orange and acrylic lamps!  Those lamps bring in an element of fun and surprise.


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Texture.  I love textures, they give a space a layered feel just like people have layers and different elements or sides to them.  Textures give you an opportunity to express your personality, are you a soft and cozy or a bold and serious texture? (with or without the color).  This is an old bourbon barrel I bought at a local microbrewery after they were finished making beer in it!  (It totally smells awesome BTW!)  We currently have it on it’s side acting as a bench.


home decor, interior design, texture, bourbon barrel, industrial sign, personality, family room

There she is in all her stamped glory!  You can see in this shot I have a cowhide rug layered underneath a wool patterned rug.  I did that for visual interest and kept it quite neutral.  I have so much fun and color going on elsewhere I wanted to keep the floor a bit quieter.  This shows how you can use color but it doesn’t have to be on every surface.  Also the textural differences between the bourbon barrel, cowhide rug, wool rug, leather sofa and the metal industrial sign on the wall.  It all ties together and tells you something about the people who live here!  Umm, that we’re big drinkers?!


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This is our entry and the first thing people see when they come into the house so that makes this space extra important.  The rug is colorful and global, the vintage bench on the side came from a local amphitheater and brings in some rustic, as well as some vintage pieces.  You see lots of nature inspired things like the painting, artwork, faux sheepskin and of course some quirkiness with the vintage bowling set.  It’s like the first impression when you meet someone, you get the same experience walking into a person’s home.


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This is an up close shot of our vintage doors that I had the hubs attach to the fireplace.  It gives color, texture and visual interest all in one piece.  Of course the elephant is more of our love of animals!

You can try all of these things on a large scale like a wall treatment on down to a small thing like a pillow on the couch.  Adapt them to your level of comfort and your on your way to having some serious YOU in your home! Don’t be afraid to step outside of what you think you should be doing with decor, sometimes by stepping out of that box you find the perfect balance.

Hi Ho Hi Ho on to per-son-al-ity we go!!

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