The Sophisticated Whimsical Home Office: ORC Week 5, Budget Seating & $10 DIY Lighting!

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It’s the LAST week before the final reveal and I am beyond excited to share this space with you!  It has come a long way from where we started as a dining room, that’s for sure.  You can catch up on the whole development of this space by checking out week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4.

Today I’m sharing how I figured out an entire seating area for $100 and a crazy fun DIY lighting idea that cost $10!

Ok first up let’s talk seating.  Remember in the moodboard I had a mint green bench?

Right in front of the brick paper there?

 I happened to wander into our local Habitat Restore and look at what I saw?!

Ok, ignore the ugly pillows and look at the matching MINT green tufted back vintage sofas!  You never see a matching anything at the thrift store so I was beyond excited.  Upon further inspection I discovered they were in excellent shape, no tears, holes, weirdo smells or missing buttons, just a little dirt on a couple of the corners.  We gave em the sit test, and they are insanely comfy and checking the price tag at $48 each it put me right around $100 for the pair.  Where are ya gonna find 2 mint green anything for less than that?

Kid tested, mother approved!

Here is one sofa (with Bogey the fluff hair on it already).  I scrapped the arm covers immediately but still wanted to update the look of them.

That skirt has GOT to go.

We looked underneath the sofa and underneath the skirt and it looked like the skirt was a separate piece just stapled all the way around.  Safe to say we could easily remove it without damaging the upholstery.

We loosened it up a bit on the back just in case we were wrong about it being a separate piece.

Nope we were right!  We loosened up the one corner, busted out a flat bladed screwdriver and started pulling the gazillion staples away from the frame.  (Don’t forget to put on some heavy duty canvas gloves, which we did right after I took the shot below.)

You can see how it just leaves an indent in the fabric but no damage.

And after maybe 10 minutes we had this!

Ooooo lala!  Look at those legs!  It instantly felt more modern and sleek with a simple skirt removal.  I actually like the indent left behind, it gives it another line or dimension to the sofa instead of just a flat front.

Proceed to the other one and voila.  In about 15-20 minutes we were left with these beauties.

The most perfect mint green pair of sofas there ever was.

Why do I need 2 mint green sofas anyway?  Because I have lots of kids.  haha  Seriously though, I have lots of kids and they are always coming in wherever I’m at needing help with something or the hubs comes and sits down while we chat or are working on something.  In short, I knew from the get go I needed some sort of seating area because I intend to really use this space and it needs to be functional AND beautiful.

Now how about my SUPER easy DIY lighting project?  I scored this incredible vintage hollywood regency swag hanging marble table at a local consignment shop for a song, but it was missing the light fixture that hangs above the tabletop.  The wiring was there just not light.

This is in our garage while I was debating on what to do with the light.  See the chain hanging from the middle on the top?  That’s where the light fixture went.

I really wanted to replace it with a vintage fixture that would replicate the original look.  Problem was I wanted something colorful and inexpensive.  Anything vintage, the right dimensions and colorful glass was spendy so that plan wasn’t really panning out.

Eventually I had an idea.  I thought about 2 capiz candleholders I have had for years sitting on a shelf in our pantry as decoration.  One was big and one was small.  We measured and sure enough the small one was a perfect fit.

I picked up a swag lighting kit for $9.99 and we easily put this bad boy together.  We pulled out the old lighting from the chain, I get paranoid about fire hazards, and threaded through the new cord from the kit.  Once we got that all the way through the chain and in place we cut out the candle section of the fixture and attached it to the plastic part of the lightbulb kit using chain already on the candleholder. (sorry I have no pics of this, I wasn’t sure it would work and forgot to shoot it!)

And next thing you know, we have a working blue capiz pendant hanging above the marble top!

I’m really happy with the way it came together and for so little money!  I was prepared to use the table without the light I loved it so much as is but the light really adds somethin extra.

That’s the last lil bit I’m going to share before the final reveal next week!  I CAN NOT wait to share it with you guys!  So stay tuned for that….if you know you don’t want to miss it hit up the subscribe box in the sidebar to get a notification right to your email when the post goes live!!

What’s been your favorite part of this one room challenge so far?  I always love to hear from ya so hit me up in the comments below or shoot me an email.

And don’t forget to check out what my fellow participants and the designers are up to this week here!





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