The Sophisticated Whimsical Home Office ORC Sources!!

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Now that we’ve seen the full reveal (if you haven’t yet go here!) from my fall office ORC, I am putting together a lil post to share with ya where I got what!

That means if you want to buy something yourself that you saw here, I’m giving you the sources and some links to where to buy.  Full disclosure, several of the pieces I have in here are one of a kind but I’m still sharing where they came from and what they are so you can look for something similar.

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Alrighty!  Starting with the main view walking in…the mural is from Anthropologie and it’s the enchanted forest mural by Rebecca Rebouche.  The textured brick paper is from Target and it’s the Devine Textured Brick Peel and Stick wallpaper.

The epic rug is from Charlotte Tully at The Elegant Nomad.  Charlotte sources these by hand in Morocco and brings them home.  She’s also the source of our family room stunner, I will be back for more from her, fo sure.  She’s got some new one of a kind beauties dropping on her site this week so keep an eye out for those!!

The insane cloud sofa came from Amazon.  YAS!!  Amazon!  Jonathon Adler is one of my design heros and I REALLY wanted his ether settee (almost same design style piece from him) but they were sold out through December and mama’s budget was getting tight.  I managed to find this look alike version and the design plan was saved!  (I will have a Jonathon Adler piece one day!!)  Here’s the link to the exact one you see here.

The ridiculous wood hand chair is a hand carved vintage piece I stumbled on at a local consignment shop.  You can do a search for something similar, try Etsy, Chairish, Ebay, ec.

The dark pink drapes were here before and still worked with this design so I kept them and they are from Ikea.  The vintage rattan screen in the corner is from a local salvage shop.

The set of vintage mint sofas…..(you can read all about those here).  Those were crazy lucky finds!

The set of marble and brass nesting coffee tables were pieces I already had and used in here, but they came from World Market.  They don’t sell this exact set anymore but here’s a single of the larger one.

The pillows are a combination of some that I already had and a few newbies.  The textile pillow on the left sofa was a vintage flea find, the others were Home Goods and the sheepskins are from Costco.  The embroidered blanket on the left sofa is a suzani (read more about suzanis here) and came from the most amazing Jo at La Boheme House of the Wishing Trees in Australia.  She carries the most beautiful, unique and colorful pieces.  I have 3 from her now and I adore them all!

The Woman’s Club sign is a vintage piece I scored at a local barn sale, the brass bowl on the table is from Home Goods and this ridiculously awesome pouf/stool is from World Market!

You can read all about how I did the desk and where the pieces came from here.  In the background the black cabinet is a Home Goods find but you can score one almost identical at West Elm here.

The wood on the ceiling is Stikwood!  (Click here for more deets on the ceiling color and Stikwood used!) The doors were built by us and you can check out the full post on how we did it here.

That epic giant candle on the coffee table is from Flashpoint Candle and you can find them here!  This is the Bennett in gunmetal with English Pear.  Highly recommend, I have these all over the house…I’m obsessed.

I think that about covers it!  This room is a big combination of budget scores, re-purposing pieces I already had, DIY’s and a couple of very deeply thought out big purchases.  I personally find that the best spaces come together this way.  If you go buy all brand new it feels brand new.  A lived in, interesting space consists of a combination of new, old, handmade and thrifted.

If I forgot something please don’t hesitate to ask in comments below or shoot me an email message!  I’m happy to answer and always love to hear from you.

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