The Sophisticated Home Office: Week 3….DIY Black and Glass Barn Doors!!

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We are at the halfway point in this challenge, yay!!  Here are my week 1 and week 2 posts to catch up! And my friends it’s coming along better than I’d hoped and I am stoked to share this project with you.

This room was intended for use as a dining room and as such is wide open to the rest of the house.  There are 2 huge arches, 6 ft wide by 8 ft high, which means mama needed to finaggle some kind of door sitch.  As you can see in my original project design board I wanted steel and glass sliders.

Given that I’m doing this whole thing on a budget (thrift, already owned, etc) I was not about to spend the $$$ on steel and glass doors.  That meant one thing, I needed to figure out a way to get the look without the dolla bills. And did I ever figure it out my friends!

See these?

I scoured everywhere I could think of for doors or even windows I could transform into doors for a few weeks prior to stopping in at my local Habitat Restore and BAM!  HELLLOOOO doors of my dreams. And they were only $45 a piece!  Solid wood, dove tail cornered, already painted black with a grid etched glass insert?!  Yes please!

I bought 4 on the spot. Together they equal 6 ft wide but we were about a foot short in height. (That’s ok I had a plan!) And for $90 per slider I was going to make it work.

Here’s what we did….

Here are 2 doors set together on a makeshift table.  The beginning of our slider!

We decided to do dowels in between them to start the process of putting them together.  We picked up a handy little kit at HD that included dowels and a drill bit.  We put them in one door and them dabbed a bit of paint on the ends of each dowel. See below!

This was so that when we lined up the other door next to it the paint would make a mark exactly where the dowels lined up!

See the paint mark?  Drill dowel hole here! (The other holes were from the previous door hinge hardware)

Next up we added a bit of wood glue to the exposed end of the dowel, after drilling the corresponding hole, and popped them together!

Here they are with the dowels installed.

The next step was putting on a steel strap across the top of the doors.  This was to reinforce holding them together.  We bought 2 6ft strips of steel and using a drill bit specifically for metal, (pre-drilling the holes in the strip) we attached it across the top of both doors.

Here’s the metal strip as we screwed it into the top of the door.

After that we had to deal with the 2 ft gap that was at the bottom of the door. Our plan was to use a 2×12 to fill that in. We cut the 2×12 foot board to fit the bottom of each door. Then we followed the same dowel technique we did above with the doors.

Here we’ve already cut the board to size and are drilling dowel holes.

While the hubs was handling this I took 4 T straps, around $4 each, (in the roofing/framing section at HD) and spray painted them black to match the doors.

Once the 2×12 was doweled and loosely attached to the bottom of the doors (same process as earlier) we took 2 t straps and attached them.  One at the bottom of the doors that we screwed into the 2×12, this gave needed support to the 2×12, and one at the top to secure the doors together and for balance aesthetically.

See the 2 t pieces?  One under the paint can and one up above?

Lastly it was time to paint that board black to match the doors.  I used paint swatches to get the closest match to the doors and had them mix up a quart for me.

Here’s the freshly painted black.  It doesn’t look like the same color but once dried it was exactly the same.

And you have a big ole barn door slider!

Whaatt??!!! I am thrilled with how these came together!  And for $108 I got myself a 6ft by 8ft door!

The hardware was something I considered DIY’ing but with so many projects on the list we just jumped on Amazon and ordered 2 13ft sliding barn door hardware kits. Those were more than the doors themselves at $138 per kit but I still came in WAY under what it would have cost to get custom doors made.

And they fit like a glove. (as per Ace Ventura anybody?)

And here are the pair closed!  I have a small 2 inch gap at the bottom, (a typical door is around 1 inch) as we had to install them a smidge higher than originally anticipated.  (It involved a vent line-up with stud issue).  But it’s ok! I still love em and they look almost exactly like the design board doors!

What do you think?  Would you tackle making your own DIY siding barn doors?  How about the steel and glass look for less?!  Hit me up in the comments below I always love to hear from ya!

And coming up next week I’ve got a stunning live edge desk with custom legs for less than $400 comin at ya.  You are definitely going to want to see that!  Then there’s some thrifted furniture updated and a fab table/light combo I can’t wait to share before the final reveal!!

And don’t forget to hit up my fellow participants projects for this week and how their designs are coming together here!




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