The Master Bedroom Makeover Continues!

  And the master bedroom makeover continues with a metallic wall treatment!  We had already painted the floor and I turned my attention to the walls.  I had already purchased the Modern Masters Metallic Effects paints in copper, bronze and iron with the green, blue and rust activators, (along with the modern masters primer and topcoat xtreme) for the flooring project that ended up taking a turn in a different direction.  So, I had all this amazing paint.  I spur of the moment decided to use the bronze paint with the blue patina and do a statement/accent wall behind where the new bed would be placed.

For this project I used Modern Masters Metallic Effects Primer and Bronze paint with Blue and Green Patinas!



  I began by assembling my supplies (1 spray bottle from lowes filled with blue patina, primer, bronze paint and paint rollers), taped off the baseboard and put down a tarp to protect the floor. I busted out the primer and went to town, 2 coats that dried quickly.  It’s a dark burnt sienna color that covers really well and, of course, primes nicely for the metallic paint  The process is then 2 coats of your metallic paint, when the second coat is wet apply the patina. So we followed up the coats of primer with one coat of bronze paint and let dry.




 At this point we had to decide what kind of patina effect we were looking for, I knew I wanted a concentrated blue/green patina on the wall but maintain a bit of the bronze coloring.  We decided to have my hubs apply the second coat in 4 foot sections as paint dries super fast here in Colorado, and I would apply the patina.   I decided to heavily apply the patina from the top of the wall to about the middle and very lightly spray the bottom half.  I wanted the dripping and spray to do it’s own thing.  So we began in the upper left corner of the wall and worked our way to the right.  



                      Here are some things that I learned:

  1. This system creates a real patina.  The paint contains actual metal fragments that react with the patina or activator you use creating the real deal.  It began to turn fairly quickly but we left it overnight and the next morning it looked completely different.
  2. It is very smelly, especially the patinas so make sure your space is well ventilated.  We opened a couple of windows to help with airflow and slept in another room while it dried overnight. The next morning it didn’t have a smell    at all.  
  3. It needs no sealer, since it’s an actual patina the paint needs air to continue to develop so you apply                                                 and leave it. (except for the iron and rust, that needs to be sealed)  
  4. Love the ease of use!  It turns anyone into an artist, there are so many ways to use it.  
  5. A little goes a long way, our whole wall doing 2 coats of primer only used about 1/4 of the gallon, likewise with the paint.  Since it’s spendy I was very careful with every drop!




Since this system is pricey take into account how much you need for your project and make sure you use the recommended products for the job.  I did it as recommended, I figured if I am spending a good amount of money on a paint project it better work how I want it to.  I did do some homework and purchased primer from a paint supply store online, paint and patina/activators from ebay and sealer from amazon.  This was the cheapest way to get it all, I saved over $200 by using 3 different sites.  



You can get several different looks from mostly bronze or copper with little patina to lots of patina with little bronze or copper.  The paint itself is gorgeous too!  I have already done the copper with blue and green patina in our family room (which I will share in a future post, or you can follow my instagram eclectic_twist for pics already up) and I’m sure I will come up with other ways to use it!

The wall came out great, looks amazing with the existing soft lavender color and makes a big statement with the new white bed frame!  It’s also continued to patina so it even looks a little different now.

Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb, it’s paint.  If you hate it you can always paint over it, right?!

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