The Life of a Crazy Lady….


I know many of you can relate and I just gotta get it all out.  I’m going bat shit cra cra friends.  We are homeschooling 3 of our 4 kids.  The fourth is in high school (which is a charter school with high academic standards….aka an entire year of algebra crammed into one semester).  And on top of all that he’s in high school football with daily practices (at a different high school) and weekly games all over the place.

Then there’s 2 of our other boys who are in flag football and soccer both with their own twice weekly practices and weekly Saturday games.  Of course all in different locations.  We have one child, who thankfully, is giving us a reprieve. lol

Adjusting to a regular school schedule has been tough for us.  We’ve solely homeschooled (with a school district enrichment program day once a week) for the last 7 years.  And we really loved the flexibility it gave us as a family in terms of schedule.  My husband works an opposite schedule from M-F and our weekends are during the week.  So this makes it incredibly hard to spend time together as a family (our oldest is missing).


Our crew!

It’s hard and I worry.  You know, we mom’s worry.  We can’t help it, it’s in our DNA.  I worry about our oldest feeling left out so we don’t want to do too much in the way of family activities.  I worry about his adjustment into this new environment.  (thank goodness he’s a pretty well adjusted, outgoing, friendly kid.  We’re handling the transition 10x harder than he is).  I worry about everything.  haha

On top of that he’s been injured this entire football season (only 3 games in) with an MCL strain and now ligament damage in his hand resulting in a cast and a potential pin placed if it doesn’t heal with the cast.  Stick a fork in me cause I’m done to a crisp.

I have very little time to focus on the things that I’m working on.  Self care me time?  Fo’get about it.  By 9pm I’m so exhausted I can’t even think about soaking in a tub, unless I am willing to risk falling asleep and drowning.  God bless my husband, he helps run kids when he’s able with his schedule. But real talk folks, balance is hard right now.  I had a pretty good handle on it before school started beginning of August but dang, I’m hangin by a thread at the moment.

I am frustrated I am not able to make some big decisions about where Eclectic Twist is headed.  I have had some requests for e-design services.  I would love to offer that but right now I don’t have time to put it all together.  I’m hoping when some of this settles down in a couple of months so stay tuned.

Me and my partner at arms.

I’m trying to keep this family running smoothly, keep food on the table (somebody’s gotta get groceries amiright?!) and everything gettin done.  Who fed the dogs?  Oh man, half the family is out of clean underwear, I gotta get the laundry done now!  My kids, my hubs, my IG friends, my blog readers.  I love all ya’ll and I’m doing my best.  So if there isn’t a new blog post, it’s not because I didn’t want to get it to ya it’s because I literally ran out of time and my life is all kinds of chaos at the moment.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I know many of you can relate to all this and I would LOVE to hear how you find balance.  I feel like I need a whole team to get daily shit done.  Cleaning the house?  I am lucky if I vacuum up all the dog hair a couple times a week (it’s a LOT of dog hair).  Cleaning the bathrooms slides a few and don’t get me started on mopping.  I can’t remember the last time I mopped all the floors.

I am hoping once all of the fall sports activities end we can find some sort of balance in this dramatic change to our family.  And then I think about holidays.  Oh good lordy bee.  I will survive! (anyone else have that song in their head now?)  Mom’s we got this it’s just really tough sometimes.  There should be more holidays than just Mother’s Day, which coincidentally always takes place on Sundays when nothing is happening anyway.  Where’s the fairness in that?  How about a Wednesday when we can actually have a whole day off?

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you guys and that you take the time to read this tiny spot in the internet universe.  It means the world and I strive to always bring you helpful and informative and absolutely 100% real and honest talk each and every post.

Are you struggling to keep up?  How do you find balance between work and family?  I always love to hear from you so please feel free to hit me up in the comments or email!

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