The Big Decision And What’s Ahead…..

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes the last couple of months and I am now ready to share it all.  The hubs received a job offer outside of D.C. that would give him tons of great opportunities moving forward in his career.  As you know that’s nowhere near Colorado! hahaha

For the last few months we have been *tentatively* planning a big cross country move in late summer with one big hangup….our house.  I/we LOVE this house.  We have put countless hours, blood, sweat, tears, love and money into it and honestly I never thought we would leave.  Our kids would go to college nearby and come home asking me to do laundry and eating all of our food. This was it.  Except as time goes on things change and an opportunity comes your way that could lead to so much more than what’s available here.

I have really struggled with this as I, of course, support my husband in all of his endeavors and want him to have everything he possibly can.  And on the flip side this is our home, we are comfortable in our house, our kids have their friends we love where we live and in all honesty starting over somewhere we have never been is damn terrifying.

We have been meeting with a few local realtors to discuss selling options the last few weeks to really see if it made financial sense to make this move.  D.C. ain’t cheap and neither are the moving expenses. (no job related assistance)  We feel good enough that we can make this work and have decided to list our house for sale in April.

I know this may come as a shock and to be honest, I’m still processing it all but I really believe this will be the best thing in the long run for our family.  The kids have a wishlist of must have’s at our new home including our daughter wanting pygmy goats (this girl… I think she just may be a vet when she grows up!) and our sons would love a pool, which seems somewhat reasonable as we have a lake 30 steps from our house now.

This isn’t just about our home but also about asking our kids to trust us and dive in head first into an adventure.  Our kids and myself have never actually been to the area we will most likely live so this is a big blind faith decision.  (Although I have done EXTENSIVE research including talking to peeps who have lived there and google mapping the important stuff like Home Goods and Starbucks) I’m confident that it will be similar to what we are used to with some cool additions like taking them to the Smithsonian or visiting Gettysburg (and how about some serious wineries in the area woohoo!!).  There’s so much to do and experience out there I think it will be a great place for us.

Now let’s talk about houses!  Of course I’ve been practically living on zillow and redfin and they have many more options in the old house department with the added bonus of some land than we do here in CO.  Land is EXPENSIVE here and old houses, at least in our area are even more so.  As it’s always been my dream to live in a big ole (emphasis on the ole) house I’m hopeful that that’s what we’ll end up in somehow.

This is all provided we sell our house!  The job offer has been accepted but with the understanding that we sell our home.  So fingers crossed this whole process goes smoothly (I don’t think my nerves or emotions can handle much more) and the people that come to buy our home love it just as much as we do.

They loved the pool at our rental house during our FL vacay

As for what to expect on the blog-a-rooni, I will continue to switch things up because I can’t NOT switch things up.  Psshaww! It’s in my very dna.  But this month will be more about the process of getting ready to sell, we don’t have a ton to do but regular stuff everyone probably has on their honey-do when they are prepping to list.

And when we get in our new house (provided all goes well with this one!) I will have a blank canvas to dive into and who knows what I’ll come up with, not to mention a lil house hunting fun in the mix somewhere too.

This house has been so good to us and we have been so very happy here so all the good vibes and wishes you can muster I would so appreciate as we navigate our way through what will probably be a complicated process of list, sell, fly out and buy and ultimately move cross country to the east coast.

I hope you hang in there with me through it all!  I will also continue to toss in cool finds, shopping tips and decor tips too….I just very much wanted to share about what’s going on over here as this is a biggie in my brain right now.

Have you ever done a big move to somewhere unknown?  Any tips from your experience I would LOVE to hear!!


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