Teen Boy Room and Tips To Create the Perfect Space…You Can Both Live With!

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I was presented with a unique challenge recently.  Our oldest, a mere 2 weeks from turning 15, swapped rooms with his youngest brother and now has his own space!  Of course he is beyond excited about it.  Being me I couldn’t just throw stuff in there and call it a day, ppssshhhaaww.  It had to be a space I could live with seeing every day (minus the colossal standard boy mess) so this meant I needed to put together a design plan for said teen boy room.

When I do a kids room I always like to get their input and try to accommodate some of their wishes.  Now this kid was all over the map, which really meant he had no idea.  To help with this I gave him a couple of catalogues (PB teen and RH Teen which came in the mail), told him to go through them and point out the things he really didn’t like and the things he really did like.

This gave me a very good idea of what it was he was after.  Simple, clean lines, no muss and no fluff. So the very opposite of everything I do. haha  No problemo I got this.  The other requirement……”mom, I don’t want a bunch of color and I only want my football jerseys in here.”  Ok so football jerseys and low key.  Gasp, heart palpitations….just kidding.

The room is the smallest of all of the bedrooms so I didn’t have much space for furniture, another challenge.

Here is the room before:

Painted blue, it was a room for a 2 year old little boy for 4 years.

You can see it’s relatively small.  It worked perfectly for our little guy, but for a 6ft 2 1/2 inch big brother moving in that needed a queen size bed it drastically changes the options for furniture.

How do you create an interesting teen room that is low on color, has personality and meets the very little furniture requirement?

Start with your must have base piece….the bed.

My first challenge was finding him a queen size bed frame that had built in storage drawers underneath.  Now he doesn’t need a dresser as it’s right in the frame, that frees up necessary space. Check!  And it’s a simple style with a gray washed wood finish.  Check check!

I found the bed frame at our local Restoration Hardware Outlet on double clearance.  For the bedding, I used 2 duvets instead of a quilt or other blanket for simplicity (nothing fru fru) but to give him that extra warmth when he needs it.  I also found the duvets at the RH Outlet for $29 and $40.

Next up bring in the jersey’s (the next must have requirement). I decided to paint the walls the same off white color as my office (see office here) which is Alabaster.  I had a leftover can so cost to paint was low!  I did this color for a few reasons.  I wanted the jersey’s to pop (as they were the most important to him) and I wanted it to feel bright and fresh for the rest of the elements to just flow together.

I placed the jersey’s front and center above the headboard to create both a focal wall and bring in just a little bit of color.

Then it was time to make the jersey’s feel cohesive, I found this perfect piece of art to do that.  After that I began layering in textures.

The train art is from at AtHome, it gives a cool industrial vibe and ties into the jersey colors perfectly.  The black and cream striped pillows and small black/cream accent pillow on the bed are all from AtHome too. The cowhide is from Ikea and it’s one of 2 I had stashed in the basement that I wasn’t using currently.  It brings added texture and breaks up the ugly tan carpet.

To give him added storage for all of his sports equipment, jackets, etc.  We moved the high school lockers in here, they were in the other room he shared with his middle brother.  (I picked these up years ago at a local thrift store.)  They add to that sports feel without being over the top and make me extra happy because they are blue!

You can see there isn’t a whole lot of extra space, by keeping the furniture simple and functional it made the room feel spacious.

 I have a ceiling project planned, which I will share once I get it done. It will add texture and interest but mama hasn’t gotten time to complete that yet, yikes!

The mirror was a $5 thrift find, everybody wants to do a last minute ‘do check before busting out amiright?!

Of course, I had to give him somewhere to sit and chill. No bedroom is complete without a seating area of some sort.  I found this awesome vintage chair at a thrift store for $10 and added my own pillows and faux fur throw to it.  I also brought in this plant and planter from another room in the house to give a little added texture and life. And the hope it might help filter the air (teen boys are stinky!).

By using elements I already had (pillows, throw, plant, planter) I was able to save money and still create a homey corner.  BTW he loves this chair, it leans way back and he can put his long ass legs on the bed from it. lol P.S. I say long ass cause I’m jealous, true story.

I kept the side table sitch SUPER simple and used a stool made from reclaimed materials (another piece I already had) here.  He can easily move it to get inside the drawer or move it around the room for whatever.

The drawers have long horizontal pulls that are just under the duvet, but they are nice and deep so work really well as a dresser!

 I think I pretty much nailed this space!  He is super happy with the simplicity yet having his sports highlighted and he really loves the lockers so it’s definitely a win win space. The only complaint, “mom, too many pillows ugh” So our compromise is it only needs to be made and look nice once a week on cleaning day or when we have company. lol


I know what you’re thinking, this doesn’t look like Tina!  And you would be right, but sometimes it’s good to challenge yourself outside of your comfort zone and although a bit nervous at the beginning I am incredibly proud of the result of this room.  Our son is happy, I’m happy and there’s no pink, who would have thought!  (although I teased him one day telling him I painted his ceiling pink, he was SO upset haha)

What do you think of the results?  Any tips on styling and designing for a teenage boy?  They are tough cookies, opinionated with no direction. I always love to hear from ya so feel free to share in the comments below!

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