Spring Home Tour!

I’ve been busy folks, busy arranging, rearranging and then re-rearranging.  I’ve been purging and buying and switching and moving and grooving.  Well I work best with music, what can I say?!  I needed a change and some quirk in the universe led me down that path of change.  I wasn’t looking to make BIG changes or move things around, maybe just the usual artwork pieces and pillows and switching of rugs but a chain of events occurred that had other plans.

Yep, that’s a mini growler acting as a vase for the lovely tulips I picked up at Costco, along with an old atlas, vintage bell and some other cuties on the coffee table!

It all started when my bestie told me about a traveling flea market that was coming to town and that we should go.  Umm, are you kidding me?!  No way was I missing that.  I ended up finding a few things that were super fun and inexpensive.  A small piece of old original artwork, an old ladder, metal basket, a chicken feeder and can’t forget the pretty sunflower vase piece.  So much fun and so much great stuff!

Then I got notified of a 50% off at the Restoration hardware outlet sale!!  They’ve never had a 50% off outlet price sale before and I needed to get some sheets and towels.  Of course I had to make the trip, what crazy person wouldn’t?  We ended up finding a ridiculously awesome coffee table (been kicking around the idea of getting something different as our round one is so wide it takes up a ton of room and with 2 couches it was a bit much) for over 80% off!

Then by some miracle there was an old bowling set that I had seen there the last time I was down (a month or so prior) and I HAD to get it.  I had been thinking about it ever since and at an extra 50% off it was a great deal.  A lady came up to me at the register, turns out she had been stalking the store waiting to see if the bowling set that was on hold was going to be bought because she came to the store, JUST FOR THAT.  I felt kinda bad buying it but she said “don’t feel bad, I wouldn’t!”

As we were heading to the register my hubs pointed at a light fixture and said “this would be cool very Harry Potter” now I didn’t like that fixture but I did like the idea.  I turned around and there she was this incredible industrial meets modern meets brass and white globe beauty.  In my head it was absolute perfection for the kitchen island, but I couldn’t remember exact dimensions so I was a smidge uncertain as to specifics but that image, it was meant to be.  Hubs loved it but was not sold on it for the kitchen island, “trust me” I say, “just trust me”.  Still with some serious hesitation in his voice and a side glance he says “ok” and I run to the register and buy it before someone else can snatch it up.

So I’ve got quite the haul now and I need to start working with things to put it all together, but first there’s another big sale I found out about.  A big barn/warehouse sale from a local store that sells all kinds of things from antiques to decorative items.  They’re spendy so I NEVER buy anything in the store but this warehouse sale is something else, according to bestie (mentioned earlier).  I love their stuff and if they have my level pricing (always looking for a bargain) we’re in business.  So we made a date of it and left the hubs at home with our 4 kids and her 1 kid and away we went.  We were there all of 10 minutes before I had to call him in for reinforcements.  The line was HUGE and we had to carry our stuff around.  I made them come stand in line so we could look and help us carry our amazing awesomeness that was our purchases.  Isn’t that what husbands and kids are for?!

Before they arrived I had seen this super cool ginormous metal sign but I thought it was marked at $595 which is WAY over my budget so sadly I moved on.  When the fam arrived and took over our spot in line I walked by it and sighed “too bad it’s $595”  and bestie says “no it isn’t”  Me double taking “WHAAAAA”  She finds the tag it’s less than half of that!  OMG, me frantically waving at the hubs and pointing jumping up and down.  He comes over, me “look look do you like???”  as I drool all over the floor, and he really liked it.  I ran down a lady working there and said put my name on that!  So long story short, I had another haul, albeit a smaller one (unless you count the return trip for the 10 foot by 4 foot sign) so now the house is a disaster because for a week I found all of this increable (trying my best french accent here) stuff and hadn’t had time to place it.

Which leads me to the best part!  The reveal!!  I spent a good 3 days putting things up for sale we had already decided to part with, hanging and placing everything I bought and already had and just having some fun with the music playing and the wine glass in my hand. (not the whole of 3 days, wine just in the later parts of the day with coffee in the earlier of course)

First up, the ahhmazeballs light fixture from the RH outlet, turned out to be the perfect size and fit and I LURVE it!!  It surprisingly makes the kitchen feel bigger and more open and gives off WAY more light than the 3 mini chandeliers did.

Don’t fret, I love those mini chandys too and already had planned to put them in our closet (where there were super cheapos hanging with plastic cloudy “crystals” that I hated for years).  They look perfecto!

Family room shows the new coffee table off which fits SO much better and gives us additional storage that’s hidden that we didn’t have before.  We have the kids board games and remotes, magazines etc in here and I love the change in texture as it’s entirely wrapped in zinc.   There’s also a new rug, round, I know!  I never thought of round before because we have such a large space but this 8 foot diameter lovely works perfectly.  I do have ideas about a larger flat weave rug underneath with some color, cause you know me I have to have color. (but that’s a later post)

I decided to move our metal console table up here and put it behind the chesterfield, it’s got much more storage for our laptops and drinks along with some cute display shelves.  We put the reclaimed wood blue one that was here down behind the sofa downstairs, much better fit.

The shelves all got re-styled as we moved out the big display cabinet we had in here, one of the pieces we decided to sell.  And it opened up a huge wall space where we hung the awesome vintage sign!  The walkway is more open, the whole room feels bigger and it gives the perfect primo location for that sign front and center.

The entry got a mini makeover too.  We were on a mission to replace the rug in the family room, that darn thing is super cute and I love the colors and design but has been a pain in the buttuckus since day one and we are on 18 months of use.  It sheds CONSTANTLY, if I don’t vacuum daily or every other it looks like it snowed….in the house.  World Market was having a big rug sale so we checked them out.  We decided to try 2 rugs layered over each other and they were way to small and I hated it, but I loved the top rug.  I decided to try it in the entry and it was where it needed to be.  It makes such a difference and it’s what’s been missing there the whole time.  Also in the entry is the old painting I picked up at the traveling flea market, the green ball is from the warehouse sale, and the metal basket holds the antique bowling set.

At the end of the hallway is the cute daisy vase piece and it adds a nice pop of color to the space, especially since it’s dark with no natural light.  Next to it are some of my vintage book collections books and an old (I mean OLD) german family bible.

And the dining room sideboard got a freshening up with my orchids, an antler, some of my vintage book collection and the brass antler tray with pinecones!  It looked so bare before but feels more filled in in all the right ways.

That’s what I’ve got for now!  Until I make more changes that is.

Here’s a shot of our upper shelving area in the family room, I put my rusty mirrored star up there along with the hubs grandfather’s surveyor’s scope and a few other decorative items.  I’m really loving the way it looks and fills the shelves without being too much.

Are you making spring changes or doing a spring refresh?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on refreshing and what you do in your homes!



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