So This Happened……..And I’m DYYIIIINNNNGGGGG!!!!


I am so incredibly excited and proud to share with you that Apartment Therapy has decided to share our house on their site!  This is an incredible honor for me in more ways than I can possibly explain, but I’mma try!

This entire thing…..from all my decor, to Instagram, to the blog has been about letting my creativity and mind run free.  Being comfortable and embracing not only who I am but expressing that in my surroundings and sharing it all with you.  It’s been a process, I’m not gonna lie but one that I am so very glad I undertook.

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What you see in these pics and on this blog is who I am (and my family, but they’re secondary hahaha) and the fact that some incredibly amazing people at Apartment Therapy thought that it was worth posting and sharing on their amazeballs site hits me in all the feels in a way I haven’t felt in a long time.

It’s been a rough year for lots of life reasons, none pertaining to this, but starting 2018 on a note this high gives me all the hope for the light, love and positivity that this year holds.

family room decor, home decor, interior design, eclectic twist


Sharing everything here and on Instagram is essentially like baring it all for the world.  And when that baring is paid back with love and notes of being inspired there is nothing that can express my gratitude for that. This has been an incredible year (and 2 months give or take) of blogging and I look forward to so much more ahead.

So, if you’re in the mood for a couple minute read and a few pretty shots check out the article that Apartment Therapy posted.  I’m so incredibly proud, humbled and grateful for not only their sharing of our abode but for you for following along and supporting this lil blog space and all of these ideas that I have of my own. (cause let’s be real, being a mama to 4 kids we homeschool means I NEED something for my ole brain)

family room decor, home decor, interior design, eclectic twist

Thank you!!!

XXXX&OOOO  from me and mine!



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