Rugs, Rugs Everywhere!!

I am a rug fanatic, I love em all and I love em everywhere! Rugs can be the base of your room design or a nice complement, and if you are struggling with how to choose a rug for your home, you might want to check out an online seller like Bazaar Velvet. The shape, size, style and colors all factor into the versatility that is the area rug.

They ground a room, which is especially important when you have an open floor plan. The difficulty with designing an open floor plan comes when all of your furniture is divided into different “rooms” but there isn’t anything defining those spaces so it all just feels like it’s floating. Rugs anchor it all and help provide those distinct spaces with boundaries without using walls (cause there aren’t any!). Without them in these spaces there is no definition, now if that’s the look you are going for then rock on and forget the rest of this post! If not, let’s touch on some guidelines for rug sizes shall we?

Here I have an 8ft round on top of 2 black cowhide rugs from Ikea. The round rug balances all of the rectangle shaped furniture and the cowhides spread out and ground the furniture while also contrasting with the round rug. You can see the sofas and chair overlap just a little bit.

Size of a rug depends solely on the size of the space you want a rug and how much furniture you plan to use around/on it. First I decide how I want my furniture arranged, then pick a rug size. Why? Because I prefer having just part of the furniture on the rug, typically the front legs and I do this for 2 reasons. 1. It connects the space visually together and gives your eye a continuity between the floor and furniture reading as one cohesive space. 2. It keeps the rug from moving around (particularly if you have hardwoods or other slippery surface flooring).

Here’s a shot of our basement family room, there’s wall to wall carpeting down here that’s beige. I put a big gray and cream rug here and it really adds some fun to an otherwise dull space.

But you have carpet? That’s ok, you can still have a rug! Carpet doesn’t serve a design or decor purpose for most of us, it’s just for softness and comfort underfoot. Since it’s a permanent and expensive flooring it’s the rare risk taker who goes big with it. I’ve never seen a “pretty” carpeting, (unless you want to talk stair runners with fabulous faux print). Keep the carpet but take advantage of the floor as an opportunity to make a statement! Rugs can easily be switched out and/or rotated as they aren’t a permanent choice and you can find them relatively inexpensively! So you can go big and bold with amazing pattern, bold colors, vintage or modern styles, there are so many fantastic options out there,

Now that we’ve covered that rugs are acceptable literally everywhere, let’s talk about some pretty rugs at various price points and where to find them!

The stuff my rug dreams are made of! This beauty is the Brilliant Poppies Rug from Anthropologie and with that epic gorgeousness comes a hefty price tag of $598 for a 5×8 and up to $$$$ for the larger sizes. One day she will be mine, either when I win the lottery or it goes on super clearance, until then my love!

More subtle and yet so luxurious and interesting is the Malachite Rug from Anthropologie. This too is on the spendier side at $598 for a 5×8 and up. Larger sizes are a bit less expensive than the Poppies Rug though

Love the color combo on this one and the bold graphic pattern. This is the Hand Tufted Trellis Rug, also from Anthropologie and only currently has smaller sizes available, the largest is the 5×8 at you guessed it $598!

Some budget friendlies are these from Overstock and RugsUSA. This is the Nuloom Jute Chevron Rug, and an 8×10 is on sale now for $227! Great as a stand alone or for layering!

Can’t get enough of this bright meets vintage lovely! From RugsUSA (they always have GREAT prices and offer free shipping!) this is the Chroma Mosaic Medallion Rug in Pink ringing in at only $321 for an 8×11!

This one is just fun and funky with subtle coloring, perfect for a more subdued space where it will add some funk without being overpowering. From RugsUSA it’s the Thomas Paul Fabled Whale Rug and at only $150 for a 6×9 it’s an awesome price!

I would remiss if I didn’t mention and share a few from World Market, as they have a great selection at good prices. This is the Ivory Morrocan Style Wedding Rug, a 5×8 is $229.99. Sign up to be a WM member (it’s free!) and you get access to coupons (free shipping!) and sales AND earn $$ back on purchases. I’ve saved so much money from it!

I have this one in my entryway and I LOVE it. It’s so much brighter in person (check out my instagram eclectic_twist for pics of it IRL). It’s the World Market Boho Kilim Alina area rug and a 5×8 is $199.99 (again, check out and watch for sales!! They happen often here!)

These are just a few of the many awesome rugs available at these different sites. A few brick and mortar stores great for rugs are of course, my always go to fave; Home Goods and Ikea is a good place to check out too!

Happy Rug shopping!!

As a side note, my next ORC post is coming up on Wednesday (linked to on Thursday)!! I’m sharing paint color choices and our little bit of demo (who doesn’t love tearing stuff up?!) It’s coming along SO perfectly peeps!!


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