Plant Redemption…..5 Tips to Keeping Plants Your Plants Alive

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I am REDEEEEEMMEDD!!!  A while back I wrote a semi-satirical post on houseplants and how I am the black thumb of death.  (Check that out here) And I am so proud to say I am no longer said black thumb of death!

I have been buying plants and only killed a couple, and now I’m at a point where I feel I can safely say I am a plant foster-lifer.  So I’m going to share a few of the things I learned that actually helped bring about this change.

Tip #1: Read the plant care tag.  I know you’re thinking “duh” but folks, I must admit I looked at the light requirement and that was it.  And then I didn’t do a very good job of actually placing said plant in correct light location.  Alas, it is true.  BUT when you actually place plants in the correct locale voila magic happens.  And if you have trouble with a plant and it’s in the “right” spot try moving it to a different spot and see how it does.  It’s amazing how even a foot or 2 over can make a difference.

2 Bird of Paradise flank my vanity! (See more of this space here)

Tips #2:  Water regularly.  I know I know, “dear lord woman what is wrong with you?!”  This was more a case of distraction on my part and “oops when was the last time I watered?” Now I do it on a regular once a week schedule, although I do have a couple I give a splash to in between as they require more moisture.

Tip #3:  Dead head them.  When you see a yellow leaf or dead anything trim it off.  I learned this from a friend who is a plant queen! It fosters new growth so I try and go through every once in awhile and clean them up.

Tip #4:  You will probably still lose one once in awhile.  I think I’ve had just 2 die on me but this winter is rough.  Here in Colorado our air is SO dry, especially in winter it’s brutal so I have some brown spots on leaves cropping up and I’m trying to keep them all going by paying extra attention.

I have 2 in each corner, I love being surrounded by them. (see more of this room here)

Tip #5:  Do your best to keep dogs butts and kids away from them.  I have lost a few big leaves because my giant dogs or kids have run past them so closely that they broke a branch or leaf.  It physically hurts when it’s a big one.  BUT, I just talk to the kids and do my best to move them to places that they aren’t going to get run over. (although it still happens once in awhile)

That’s it, just enjoy!  I was always so intimidated by plants before but it really is that simple.  I LOVED them but I couldn’t seem to keep them alive.  Now I have them everywhere and instead of my family calling me “the plant slayer” (true story BTW) I am the “MOOOM, another plant?  Where are you going to put it?”  That’s right, Mom’s got another plant kids.  Most of them are from Home Depot and Lowes! I try to pick the healthiest plants and they have great prices.

How many plants can you count in here?!

Plus when you have a teenage boy, a homebrew drinking hubs and 4 dogs……any air purifier is welcome.

Are you a plant mama?  What are your tips to keeping them thriving?  Or do you have a black thumb like me previously?  I always love to hear from ya so hit me up in the comments!

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