Our New “Mint to Be” Ikea Applaro Outdoor Sofa and Fuschia Ikea Loungers!!

We have had the Ikea Applaro outdoor sectional and loungers for a few years now and although I LOVE Ikea, the finish on these missed the mark.  Let me start with what I love about it.  We have several pieces including 2 footstools which makes this a very versatile piece of furniture.  Every summer we rework it depending on what we liked or didn’t like about our furniture arrangement the year before.  It makes it feel like new every year.  But, the finish was wearing off EVERYWHERE.  It looked rough, really rough.

Pic from last year you can see some of the weathering on the sides and back

Pic from last year of the loungers you can see weathering on the finish and the plant stand before

The loungers were equally as bad, if not worse.  The finish had all but worn off and left whitish/gray wood that was not appealing to the eye.

So I decided on a whim to try painting the sectional and loungers.  They were looking so bad we debated getting rid of it all and buying new patio furniture but I didn’t want to spend the money on a new set, (outdoor furniture is expensive!) and I really loved the layout options I had with this one. I had an idea of the colors I wanted to use so we ran to Lowe’s and picked out 2 colors from the Sherwin Williams HGTV home paint line.   We went with “Mint to be” and “Hibiscus”.  The “Hibiscus” fuschia was a definite risk but one I was willing to take, it’s fun it’s bright and it coordinates nicely with the “Mint to be” and cushions I already had from World Market that I picked up on clearance last year.

Before sanding

Step one, move everything into the yard and sand sand sand.  Hubs and I both took a hand sander and starting sanding every inch of all 10 pieces of furniture, 8 pieces for the sectional and the 2 loungers.  It took us an hour and a half to 2 hours to get it all cleaned up.   After all the sanding, which included all of the sides, seats, backs, legs and undersides we busted out our K9III dryer (dog dryer that is the bomb!) and blew off all of the dust left from the sanding to get all the pieces as clean as possible (you can use a leaf blower to do this or wipe it all down by hand).   This went quickly and did a great job!

After sanding and blowing off the dust

Next up was laying out a bunch of cardboard we had left over from the shipping of our faux beams.  We opened up all the boxes, flattened them and laid out the pieces of the sectional upside down.  We decided to start that way for a couple of reasons.  One, it gave us a little leeway for working the paint sprayer, in case the paint came out too heavy you wouldn’t see it and we could adjust it.  And the second reason, we could get a nice even finish on the top and let it completely dry sitting upright without risking messing anything up by flipping it over to do the underside later.

Then it was time to prime and use the sprayer.  We have had this for quite awhile and don’t use it as often as we should.  It’s the Wagner paint sprayer and we bought it from Home Depot for spraying a porch at our former house, some 6 years ago.  I don’t see our exact model available anymore but we love it. (We used the Sherwin Williams Exterior All Weather paint.)  We got the sprayer ready to go, primed and ready to paint.  It took us a few minutes to adjust the nozzle to the right spray amount but once we did we got the underside of the 8 pieces painted in 15-20 minutes.  One of the great things about living in a super dry climate is paint dries FAST.  By the time we made it down the line and made a second sweep for even coverage the pieces we started with were dry and we could flip them over.  Halfway through the process we RAN OUT OF PAINT.  Classic mistake and one I always seem to make.  We had bought 2 gallons thinking it would be enough, well I made a mad dash back to Lowes and had 2 more gallons mixed up while the hubs wrapped the ends of the sprayer in saran wrap to keep it from drying out and clogging up.  Good thing I bought 2 more because we ended up using 3 1/2 gallons to get the whole thing painted.  The wood took the paint incredibly well and I expect it will last for quite some time.

At this point we cleaned out the sprayer and left the sectional to dry overnight.  The next morning it was dry and looked incredible and brand spankin new!

After drying overnight we started placing it all back on the patio!!

Isn’t it so purdy?!

Post sanding and cleaning, ready for paint

Then we focused on the loungers, I had picked up 2 gallons for those as well.  Same process as the sectional, sand, clean, prime the sprayer and away we go.  We let those dry during an entire sunny day (handpainted the wheels which took longer than spraying both of the loungers!).  We ended up using all 2 gallons!

After finishing second coat of Hibiscus paint

Don’t they look so much better?!

Now that the furniture was looking so spiffy and snazzy, my old planter stand (which I had wanted to paint for a few years now) was looking extra sad.  So back to Home Depot I went and picked out a pink that was similar to the Hibiscus on the loungers and I painted that baby!  I used Rustoleum gloss berry pink and it looks lovely.  It pops against the house and ties in with the pink from the loungers and really makes it feel fun.  While I was at it I had an apple and dog that needed painting so gloss berry pink they became!  My son came out mid painting of the planter and I said “hey, what do you think?”  and he says “MOM!! Why are you painting everything pink?!”  He apparently doesn’t like pink because it’s a “girl color,” he’ll come around.


I have some finishing touches left to do on the patio, I need a bigger rug for the sectional area (our old one had burn holes from the fire table in it, yikes), some new pillows, some fresh plants in pots and can’t forget all of our landscaping growing in but it’s looking fun and fresh and lively and happy.

Total spent for the entire project:

Paint Sprayer – free we already own it

Sandpaper and Sanders – free already had on hand

4 gallons of Sherwin Williams Exterior Semi Gloss “Mint to Be” paint – $164

2 gallons of Sherwin Williams Exterior Semi Gloss “Hibiscus” paint – $82

4 cans of Rustoleum Gloss Berry Pink Spray Paint – $14

All accessories, pillows, rugs, etc I already owned – free

Total Spent $260

For an entirely new look and what amounts to all new furniture, not too shabby!  A little DIY, some elbow grease, a weekend and a little bit of $ is all you need for a whole new space!

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