Origin Magazine and My Other Big News!

I am so excited you guys!!  I have 2 huge pieces of news to share with you today and I can barely contain myself!  Eeeeekkk!!!

Of course, first up I have to share that I am being featured in Origin magazine’s summer issue!!  Whaaattt?!!!  YAAAASSSS!!!!  This is huge for a number of reasons but the biggest is personal.  When I started this lil ole blogspot, a year and some odd months ago my deepest dream (that I never expected to come true) was to be in a national magazine.  And it’s coming TRUE!  I can’t even begin to express my excitement and honor about being included among so many of my fellow Instagram friends (I know 90% of you! Love ya babes!).

Incredibly awesome and inspirational Origin Magazine Summer Issue!

 But dammit it feels incredible to have accomplished something I dreamed would happen.  I have a vision of what life could and should be in our homes and I have no fears on pursuing it, right or wrong, following the rules or f’in breaking them.  And having so many respond to that and to have a magazine think I’m worthy of being included in their issue is fuc*$&g amazing.  Apologies, I swear like a sailor!  You have been warned! haha

That’s ME!!!!!!

 I’m so proud of how far things have come and how I feel like I’m hitting a nerve.  I want to share with you that you can have homes that aren’t boring and that make you feel amazing. Feel great about where you live, not just “oh we’re home”.  We work hard and live fast paced stressful lives.  We deserve better than that.  I share diy because I want to show you that anything is possible with your own hands and at very little cost. I do all of this because I want to connect with you and inspire you to make your homes your havens.  It’s possible!

My name is written write there on that photo!  I am so stoked!

 The other big news I have to share…….we’re not moving!  I know what you’re thinking, what?!  I thought you were moving across the country to the DC area. And you would be right.  We had initially accepted a job opportunity for my hubs out there and took steps like prepping and listing our house for sale, looking for new houses, etc.  But life had other plans and some cool stuff has happened behind the scenes for me here, schooling for our kiddos is looking even better here and my hubs job is looking pretty dang good.  Soooo given that we already loved where we live and all of the positive things that have occurred over the last few months we made the final decision to turn down the offer and stick around!  We took our house off the market and are officially Colorado peeps for life!

At the end of the day it was a family decision and we feel it was definitely for the best.  With that being said I have been in design jail for 6 months and am elated to be FREEEE!!!!  I have some big plans to revamp some spaces and am so looking forward to the future.  We are loving our summer and having a blast with the kids fishing, swimming and enjoying life.  I have a family room redo on the brain along with some kid’s rooms total makeovers and of course the fall ORC is already buzzin around in the noggin!  I have ideas pouring out of my ears, I’m trying so hard to focus it onto one space at a time.  You know you want to stick around to see all of this!  ; )

Long story short, the future is bright and I am stoked that we are stayin put.  This house is our home and we LOVE where we live.  And I am gosh damn proud of this magazine feature.  Do what you love, make no apologies for it and go.  Life is fickle, unpredictable and amazing.  I’m tellin ya, go with what feels right and make the best decisions for yourself and yours as you go.  You’ll be just fine.

The reverse side of the summer issue of Origin Magazine!

 Oh and Origin Magazine is available in all major stores newsstands starting July 2nd!!  Target, Costco, Whole Foods, etc. (check their website for a full list of available locations!) There are so many incredibly inspiring spaces and people in it, trust me you want to see it!

Mad love to you all and I can’t wait to share some of the epic ideas I have in store for ya! (LOTS of diy too!)

Let me know your thoughts!  Are you excited for more DIY’s from me?  Or do you love the shopping guides?  I always love to hear from ya so hit me up in the comments below or email me!

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