ORC Week 3: Weathered Wood Ceiling and Chandy!

We’re at the halfway point of the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling it Home!  As a quick recap, I shared the first week which was my design for the Mom’s Oasis here and then last week I talked about how my design came together and the paint colors I chose here.  This week I am talking about our Weaber weathered wood ceiling project and chandelier installation.  Weaber Lumber is  a company that came out with a product called Weaber Weathered Wall Boards that you can find at Home Depot.  I wanted to use it because of the variety in the color of the wood and the price!  It comes out to $2.37 sq ft, peeps it doesn’t get any better than that!!  (unless you want to disassemble and refinish actual pallets, but I’m way to lazy to do that)

EEK, I’m seriously giddy about showing you guys how this turned out!! (Does anyone even say “giddy” anymore?) Read on for how we did it and the finished product!

Here’s a shot of our ceiling before, it was already painted an awful flat brown paint.  It is recommended to paint the wall underneath where you are going to install the wood as the wood pieces aren’t perfectly straight so there will be some small gaps.  Painting the drywall underneath insures it blends in with the wood.  We opted not to paint the ceiling because of the color it already was (and saving work for ourselves was a bonus).

decor ceiling weaber installation diy wood ceiling home decor

Next up was locating and marking the studs in the ceiling.  We picked up this little trick when we did our faux beams project.  We went along the ceiling with a stud finder (already knowing which way the studs were running, based on the unfinished part of our basement nearby).  Once we located where a stud was we placed a piece of painters tape in that location on the wall, then proceeded to do this all the way across.

We had purchased 7 boxes from Home Depot to do this project.  Each box comes with a nice variation in colors so mixing and matching is super easy.  We opened up a few boxes at a time and then decided what color we wanted as we went along.

weaber weathered wall diy boards decor home decor installation interior design pallet wood ceiling

Starting at the far corner we used 2 inch brad nails with our nail gun and nailed into the stud locations on the ceiling.  If the ends of any board didn’t line up with a stud we just did one nail at an angle into the end of each board to suck it up tight to the ceiling, so the ends weren’t all saggy.

weaber lumber weathered wall boards ceiling diy installation pallet wood ceiling decor home decor reclaimed

There’s no pattern here, (although I DESPERATELY wanted one) the hubs said a big fat negatory good buddy.  We (as he reminds me) needed to recognize our limitations (I’m REALLY bad at any kind of math past your basic add, subtract, multiply, divide so angles and patterns fo’get about it) and the complicated task a pattern would be, particularly on such a small ceiling.  Alas I relented and we went with the tried and true straight boards.  I think it makes the room look bigger with the way the boards are running so kind of a happy accident?!  I didn’t want to have a bunch of little pieces on either end of the room with long boards in the middle as I was going for a more organic look.  So we cut some of the boards into random sizes to use here and there instead of going along with all big and then teensy at the ends.

weaber weathered wall boards diy ceiling installation pallet wood decor home decor reclaimed

Cutting around the light fixture was pretty straightforward, we lined up the board and measured how it would lay across the junction box in the ceiling.  Using a 3 inch hole saw we just cut a hole into the location on the board we had marked!  Easy peasy.

weaber weathered wall boards diy installation pallet wood decor home decor ceiling installation reclaimed

We didn’t waste any of the boards as we used the cut pieces in there too, in fact we ended up having almost a whole box left over.  The last row we ripped down a little bit, using a table saw, because the row left was JUST under the width of the boards.  Got em up, nailed em in and TADA, finished wood ceiling!  I’m so beyond giddy (there’s that word again!) dancing excited (seriously, imagine me waist up with those super crazy dancing legs) about how it came out that I’m planning on doing the same thing in our master bedroom tray ceiling!  So stay tuned for that project coming up when this awesomesauce project is completed!

And of course, the blingy bling that is the chandy.  It’s not the same one I used in the moodboard, although VERY similar.  Moodboard chandy was out of budget and as much as I loved it, just couldn’t swing it.  I searched all over high and low and found this one from Overstock.  It had the same shape and style I was going for and was half the price of the inspiration (not to mention being on sale at 14% off and free shipping really sweetened the deal!)

weaber weathered wall boards ceiling diy installation pallet wood decor home decor chandelier reclaimed

Hooking up all of the crystals was a bit time consuming but between myself and the hubs working on it (not to mention some tunes coming through the speakers and a nice glass of chard (of course beer for him)) it didn’t seem too bad.  Next up was wiring it and taking a big step back to admire our handiwork.

weaber weathered wall boards lumber diy ceiling installation pallet wood decor home decor reclaimed wood

And that’s our progress completed for week 3!  I’m seriously so in love with this ceiling it’s kind of unnatural.  The whole project is really starting to come together, for next week we’re doing the metallic effects floor, my last big project for this challenge!

Don’t forget to check out what all of the other amazing participants are up to this week and how their projects are coming along here.  There is some seriously fantastic stuff and a boatload of inspiration!!



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