ORC Week 2: See ya Carpet, Hello Making Me Blush Pink!

Week 2 of the fantastically awesome One Room Challenge is complete and I’m having so much fun with this project it should be illegal. (If you are interested in what the 20 featured designers are up to you can check them out here!)

We’ve been hard at work on this bad boy and I seriously am DYING to share with you the progress we’ve made so far.  Today I’m going to let you in on how the whole design came together and the paint colors I ended up choosing!

When I decided I wanted to do this space as a Mom room I had to think about what it was I really wanted in this space; how did I want it to function and feel.  Instead of overthinking it too much it occurred to me it needed to feel like, well, me! What does that mean?  Color, vintage, glam, soothing and comfy.  This was my first chance to design a room solely based on what I wanted with no restrictions from the plethora of males in our home. So I was diving in head first and my diving board was the pink sofa (similar as shown in the moodboard).  I had seen it my local Home Goods over the course of a few weeks and sighed with the adoration of one looking longingly from a distance (picture me batting my eyes and a heavy sigh) every.single.time.   Although I never seriously considered it, because I had no space for it.  This project came up and OF COURSE knew this sofa was it, I was going to design the room around it (if it was still at the store)!  Mad dash it over there THE NEXT DAY, and thank the heavens above it was there!! If that weren’t enough to jump for joy, even better still, marked down 60% off since it had been there for awhile.  BOOM!  KABOOM!   It was so VERY comfy and squishy, that combined with the luxe velvet upholstery (which I would never consider elsewhere with boys in the house), a lovely pink color and acrylic turned legs it was a match made in mom cave design heaven.  Not gonna lie, I did a mini jump, click the heels move.  The hubs just chuckles and “okay then” with a little shake of the head.


With the pink lovely as my jumping point I was already thinking black and white.  Originally wallpaper with a bold pattern, then stenciling a design, then freehand and on and on.  I was all over the map with ideas spinning through my head UNTIL my girl Mary-Catheryn (incredible artist over at Copper Corners shop on Etsy or check out her IG) had this painting I had been salivating over when I stumbled upon it again, and like lightning to a radio tower I had a flash of design genius.  That painting + pink velvet sofa = perfection.

Then it was simply a matter of narrowing down the paint colors I wanted to use, incorporate some vintage and rustic elements along with some storage and a blingy chandy.  Voila Mom’s Oasis Deign Moodboard!

On to our progress!  What paint colors have I chosen and how do they look?  That my friends is the reveal part of today’s post.  I don’t really use black as a color, to be honest it was always a bit intimidating.  It’s dark and can easily read as cold and frankly, scary.  Traditionally first thought for a tiny dark space is to use a light and bright color.  I wanted to go big or go home and push myself outside of what’s expected.  So I tottered back and forth between Behr’s Cracked Pepper and Sherwin Williams Caviar.  I had several others from BM, SW and Behr but these 2 stuck out to me.  The cracked pepper looked more deep gray and the caviar is a true black.

Freshly painted SW Caviar (looks extra shiny because it’s still wet!) You can see some of my multitude of pink swatches here too.

 I opted for the Caviar and decided on an eggshell finish.  Why an eggshell finish?  Because of the lack of natural light I wanted to have a bit of a sheen to help reflect the light from the chandy, but not so much sheen that it was wet looking ala waxed car shine, not to mention the imperfections that a high sheen paint shows.  Eggshell has a nice subtle sheen without being too flashy.  The caviar also gave me a surprising benefit, the black paint highlighted the 10 foot ceiling and made the room look BIGGER!  Amazing what some trickery with paint will do.

Oops paint on the top, SW Charming Pink on the bottom

Now for the pink.  I actually custom mixed this color!  I had tried a few SW swatches of various shades of pinks, even one that ended up reading a little purpley but I didn’t like any of them.  The one that I did like was SW Charming Pink.  In the dark room it was pink but a really light pink and looked great with the black.  BUT, I was a little nervous it looked too baby pink.  I decided to give it a try and purchase some anyway if I hated it I would re-evaluate and try something else.  While waiting for the guy at Home Depot to color match my SW Caviar and SW Charming Pink I took a gander at the oops shelf.  There sat a pretty very soft blush pink in a matte finish.  It was similar to the charming pink but warmer and softer.  The whole gallon was $9 and the guy said it was an accidental mix and wasn’t even an actual color.  I liked it so much that I thought I would try some different variations of mixing it with the Charming Pink to see if I liked it better than the CP by itself.  Took it all home and tested out the oops paint on the wall, too dark alone and not pink enough.

This is in the darker lighting of the room, you can really see the difference between the 2.  Oops on the left CP on the right.

Tried 50-50 and it was just about perfect so that’s how I rolled!  Mixed just under 50% of the oops paint with a bit more than 50% of the Charming Pink and I had the perfect soft but warm, adult blush pink color.  I’m calling it “Making Me Blush” by yours truly.  And by mixing a matte finish with an eggshell finish I still got a very subtle sheen that nicely compliments the black sheen.

My mix of Making Me Blush Pink!  More pink than the oops and wamer/softer than the CP.

My Making Me Blush Pink mix up next to the Caviar black.  The ceiling was the original color on the walls, you can see the huge difference!

And I can’t forget the fun part of ripping out the awful carpet! It was stained from craft paint spills with chunks of dried glue stuck in it. Pulling it up and getting it out of there made a big difference all by itself. The tack strips were attached to the concrete by nails only 1 or 2 per strip and were easily pulled up with a hammer.

So now you are up to speed with the freshly painted walls and clean concrete flooring ready for some beautification!

Next week I’m planning on the Weaber weathered  wood ceiling project and chandy installation.  We’re coming along nicely folks!

The other fantabulous guest participants are all linked up here, so check em out and see what progress is happenin!

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