ORC #6: The Mom’s Oasis REVEAL, MIND BLOWN!!

It’s the time you have all been waiting for…….the final reveal of this 6 week long process/journey to take a space from blah to ta da!  You’ve followed along through the steps (here’s a recap ORC 1, ORC 2, ORC 3, ORC 4, ORC 5) from design to completion and today is the big day where I am FINALLY sharing with you the amazeballs, knock your socks off,  who wants to move in…….Mom’s Oasis!

Remember this??  This is what it looked like when we started.  Flat brown paint on every surface, horrible craft paint stained and hot glue  clumped carpet.


Drumroll please……

NOW!! Looking into the room from the doorway, this is what you see!!

home decor diy one room challenge design interior design pink sofa caviar sherwin williams

I am so in love with this room now, before I avoided it like the plague.  The blush pink walls, the pop of black with the artwork, I could go on and on.  What do you think?  Huge improvement, amiright?!

home decor diy design interior design caviar black sherwin williams pink velvet sofa

Or how about this shot??

Here we are folks!  Same wall!  Starting from left to right from the door, below is my old ladder that we mounted to the wall.  I wanted to use it to act as a bookshelf for some of my vintage book collection (it grows every time I go to a flea or antique shop).  It worked out better than I had hoped it would!

ladder bookshelf pink velvet sofa caviar black diy design interior design home decor

I love having these books all over the house and this space was no exception.  In fact I made it my mission to find some especially for this room.

ladder bookshelf vintage home decor diy interior design

Of course, I had to have a great close up shot to share with you of my beloved pink velvet beautiousness that is the sofa (it is SO comfy you guys I can’t even)  I picked up a few throw pillows (from Home Goods, could there be another for such loveliness?!) in cream with brass and gold accents.  The sequin one second from the right actually turns the same blush pink depending on how the sequins are laying, the other way is gold.  (kind of fun to draw on) And of course I had to have a pretty powder blue throw blanket with detailing!

pink velvet sofa throw pillows decor home interior design one room challenge

Here is the incredible art from MC at Copper Corners (girl you are the bomb, this piece is ahhmazing). (Check out my ORC #5 post for a link to her Etsy shop to order your own artwork!!)

decor home interior design pink velvet sofa caviar black sherwin williams copper corners art

I decided to use 2 small side tables placed together for a coffee table, since space in here is SO limited I like having the option to move them around with ease.  Brass legs with white glass tops complement the sofa without detracting from it.  On top of them I have an old brass bowl I found at a local flea market, a teal with gold trim box and one of my vintage books.  (and can I get a WHAA?!! for the floor!  you can really see it here!)

diy decor home decor interior design anthropologie metallic effects floor

This is an old marble lamp (I also found this at a local flea market) with a shade I already had stored in the basement.  The neat side table is made from reclaimed wood (also from Home Goods).  It’s small so it doesn’t take up much of a footprint, ties in with the old wooden ladder and wood ceiling and nicely contrasts the more modern clean lined side/coffee tables, sofa and bookcase.

vintage marble lamp reclaimed stool home decor interior design pink velvet sofa

The acrylic and brass bookcase.  Can I get an amen?! It’s not too big and it doesn’t take up space visually since it’s clear. Like floating shelves with a beautiful brass detail.  I have some personal things I wanted to have around me for inspo (since I plan to work in here as well as relax).  I used brass and glass frames, a couple of vintage pieces as well as some fun ones too.

diy one room challenge acrylic bookshelf metallic effects floor home decor interior design

Here’s the wall opposite the sofa before.

And NOW!!

2 doors (1 closet the other entry) meant no usable space, BUT I found these super cute concrete with brass hangers (of course at Home Goods, seriously HG call me!  The hubs thinks I single handedly keep them in business, he’s probably right!) and thought they would be the perfect little detail to hang here.  I may put some fresh or faux flowers in them at some point.  Or I could use them for pens, colored pencils, etc.

diy home decor interior design acrylic bookshelf ladder blush pink

home decor interior design

Here’s a shot from the closet door, a different angle.

home decor interior design diy pink velvet sofa anthropologie caviar black weaber wood chandelier

I don’t know if you’ve noticed the floor yet, but you can see glimpses of it in several of these pictures.  It really looks incredible and acts as it’s very own character without overtaking anything else.  I’m so thrilled with the way it came out.

blush pink diy acrylic bookshelf anthropologie marble lamp home decor interior design

I had to get a shot of the upper half of the room too.  The ceiling turned out absolutely stunning and paired with the chandy it’s the perfect balance of rustic meets glam/vintage, I seriously just lay in here and stare at it sometimes.

diy weaber lumber chandelier blush pink home decor interior design caviar black

There we have it!  I think this might be my new favorite room in the house with all of it’s whopping 64ish sq ft.  It’s been an incredible experience participating in this challenge and I sincerely can’t thank Linda at Calling It Home enough for including all of us as guest participants.  I am already looking forward to my next ORC challenge project this fall.

pink velvet sofa home decor interior design weaber lumber chandelier copper corners art

And thank all of you so much from the very depths of my heart for following me along on this really unique and awesome experience.  I so appreciate the encouragement and comments from you, along with all of the inspiration I’ve gotten from my fellow participants!  I hope you have enjoyed this room makeover as much as I have!

I have so many new projects in the works of my brain, which are of course all diy projects.  I’m really looking forward to sharing all of the good, bad, beautiful and the ugly with you, not to mention some kick ass tutorials along the way.  If you wanna stick around there’s the ole subscribe button on the sidebar oe’r yonder and it’ll just send ya my newest posts when they go up!



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