ORC #5: Where Can I Find That?!

Week 5 of the One Room Challenge means next week is the final reveal!  It also means that this week I’m sharing sources for the increable (my best french accent here) Mom’s Oasis pieces, juuuusssst in case you may want to have yourself a luscious pink velvet sofa or incredibly sophisticated yet modern acrylic and brass bookshelf, or perhaps a rustic ladder or amazeballs one of a kind piece of art to adorn your walls.   I’m sharing it all, right here, right now with all of you lovely peeps!  (In case you want to catch up with what I’ve been up to leading to this week here are the links for my ORC #1, ORC #2, ORC #3 and last week’s ORC #4 or you can hit up the ORC section in the category list to the right)

Ahh, let’s begin with the moodboard and break it on down, break it, break it, break it on down.  (some weird rap thing happening right now)

moodboard mom room living room pink sofa wood ceiling chandelier metallic floor decor home decor diy

I shared all about the  centerpiece of my design (next to the art), the lovely pink sofa and where I found her in ORC week 2, but since Home Goods is a  ya just get lucky kind of shopping, I found a couple of viable very similar options for you!


pink velvet sofa home decor mid century modern

First up is this lovely that has the same style and shape with the blush pink velvet upholstery and tufting in the back.  It’s from Home Thangs here is a direct link and at $1320 was the most reasonably priced I found.

anthropologie slub velvet mina sofa pink mid century modern decor home decor tufted

This epic gorgeousness is the Slub velvet Mina Sofa from Anthropologie in Rosewood (or blush pink) velvet.  It’s got a steeper price tag at $2798, but equally delectable qualities like sumptious velvet, stunning but subtle brass legs and of course the tufting.  tufting gets me EVERY TIME.


copper corners artwork decor home decor

The artwork was an essential component to my design, it was the perfect compliment to the sofa but with some serious contrast at the same time.  This piece is a one of a kind from my girl Mary-Catherine at Copper Corners (you can find her Etsy shop here).   You can commission your own one of a kind art or buy prints and pillows! This is my second piece from her and definitely not my last.


Ok, don’t shoot me but same thing applies here as the sofa.  I stumbled on this shelf at a Home Goods in s. Denver and it was on clearance, for a  ridiculously minimal $199. I know, could I have a bigger horseshoe you know where?!  But here are 2 of the same bad boy shelf that I found online for you!

wayfair etagere bookcase home decor office living shelving

The fabulous acrylic and brass accent bookshelf.  This is the Etagere Bookshelf from Wayfair it measures 63″ high and 30 wide.  It’s currently on sale for $1,189.99

gilt hayley by safavieh bookcase shelving office living home decor

Then there’s this one on the little bit cheaper side for $949 from Gilt.com, it’s called the Hayley Bookshelf by Safavieh Couture.

The ladder is one I found at a traveling flea market, it’s old and imperfect which makes it perfect.  Flea markets, antique stores, garage sales and craigslist are all good resources for finding a great old ladder.  If you don’t have any of those locally or don’t have the time to scour for the perfect ladder try Etsy!  There are several great options in various sizes and prices.

world market ladder home decor accessories

This one is from World Market (if you’re a WM member you often get free shipping coupons!) and is currently $59.99.


I found my wood side table at Home Goods (of course) and don’t have a good source for you for that one.  It’s made from old wood so I would use the same sources as the ladder.    I also picked up my 2 brass and white glass side tables/coffee table at Home Goods (seriously somebody should let them know I’m kind of obsessed with them and they pretty much set me up for this space aaaannnnnd the rest of my house), although I did find you a ridiculous stand in and if budget had allowed……

 west elm hex side table home decor

This is the hex side table in antique brass with a white marble top from West Elm.  Currently priced at $199 but check for sales, lots happening there right now!


overstock french empire chandelier home decor lighting

The French Empire Chandelier from Overstock, this is the chandy I used in the room and it looks gorgeous.  I highly recommend it for a vintage, glam, blingy look without the cost.  It’s priced at $261.12 but it’s only on sale for a couple more days!!


anthropologie whorled trapunto rug home decor

It’s the Whorled Trapunto Rug from Anthropologie, but sadly it’s no longer available.

I have had this rug for several years now and I adore it.  It was previously in this room when it was a “guest room” (check out ORC #1 for the deets).  When this project and design came along I knew it would be perfect for the space, not to mention saving a few bucks by trying to use what I already have right?!

rugsusa tuscan trellis rug home decor

Here’s a great substitute, it’s from RugsUSA .  It’s the Tuscan Trellis rug in gold.  It’s got a mustard color with the similar raised cream  colored bold pattern (although not floral) just like the Anthro rug.  This one is a 5×8 and is $660 but watch for sales, they do them often and up to 90% off with free shipping.

All of the pillows, accessories, books and vintage marble lamp I found through Home Goods, local flea markets and around the house.   Accessorizing is important, it brings the whole design to a complete and finished look, kind of like a cake wouldn’t be pretty without the frosting?!  All of those things bring the whole look together.

  I am BEYOND excited, over the moon, happy dancing, booty shaking thrilled to share with you all the final result of this process.  It is really something my friends.  I hope you come back next week to check it all out!  And don’t forget to click on the ole subscribe button over there on the sidebar if you want to be sure you don’t miss it.  It will be sent to you directly in your inbox (and it’s free, I promise!)

 Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you all next week!!!  And don’t forget to check out the other super amazing participants of the ORC here.  I am loving following along with the incredible projects and transformations that are happenin.

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