ORC #4 A Metallic Effects Gem Floor!!

Now that this amazing challenge is 3/4 of the way through, I’ve just been having so much fun with the whole experience.  A big shout out to Linda at Calling It Home for hosting this incredible event and for inviting peeps like me to participate.  If this is your first visit you can catch up with what I’ve been up to; here are links to week 1 the design, week 2 paint colors, and last week’s #3 the wood ceiling and chandy install!

On to the fun part!  I’m beyond stoked about how this flooring project turned out.  I had originally planned on doing this treatment to our master bedroom floor last fall, so I already had all of the supplies on hand.  I’ll let you in on a little secret, I was the most looking forward to this project!

We began (in week 2) by ripping out the carpet and underlayment to reveal the concrete subfloor.  We were left with tack strips around the perimeter of the room only adhered with nails into the floor.  We went around and popped all of those up and made sure to remove all nails.

We followed that up by thoroughly sweeping and then vacuuming the floor to make sure we had a good clean surface to work with.

The products we are using are the Modern Masters Metallic Effects primer, MMME bronze paint, MMME copper paint, MMME blue patina, MMME green patina, hydrogen peroxide, water and MMME top coat sealer.  The patinas, water and peroxide are all in spray bottles while you just roll on the others with a paint roller.

I have used these products in previous projects, the difference being on vertical surfaces.  We did a bronze/blue patina wall in our master bedroom and a copper with blue and green patina in our family room.  So I had an idea of what I would get with the patinas but mixing them and doing it on a floor were a new experience for me.  I read this amazing tutorial from the Modern Masters blog and was going to loosely base my application on it.

DISCLAIMER:  Make sure wherever you are working and/or applying these products you have good ventilation.  The patina’s and top coat are of a particularly strong/chemical odor.   I have windows on the other side of the basement so I opened all of them and kept all doors opened to try and air some of it out but since our room is a windowless space we worked really fast.  I highly recommend fans or something along with open windows that will help you air it out, especially when you are doing such a large surface like a floor or wall.

On to the process!

As with the walls we started by applying 2 coats of primer, with an hour drying time in between.  Then we let it sit overnight, I would tell you it was to let it fully dry but that would be a lie.  It’s more like the hubs and I got into a heated battle of wall scrabble after applying the second coat, that by the time I beat him (because you know I just HAD to beat him) it was 1am.  We’re real party animals over here folks, music, wall scrabble, glass of wine, covered in paint and dust with a serious competition afoot.

The next day we were ready to apply the paint.  We started by randomly painting copper with bronze sections around the room.

We waited another hour and the hubs took over painting the second coat while I had a patina bottle in each hand and water and peroxide bottles on standby.  It’s CRITICAL you apply the patinas, water and peroxide when the second coat is wet, otherwise you won’t get the patina effect.

Here’s a shot of me duck waddling my way around the room, a spray bottle in each hand, with my stayed up til 1am playing wall scrabble then got up early and started working without coffee or a shower hair.

We worked in sections so I could amply spray everything all over the wet coat and moved our way around and out of the room.  I sprayed lots of blue and green everywhere, then came back with the water and peroxide and spritzed it around.  Then you just wait and see what happens!

The beginning of the patina process

By the next day it had patinaed beautifully and we were ready for the sealing top coats.

modern masters metallic effects floor decor diy home decor concrete design interior design gem

I applied the first coat 50/50 water and sealer as per the instructions on the can.

diy modern masters metallic effects floor gem geode teal concrete decor home decor design interior copper bronze patina

This is after 1st coat of 50/50 sealer and water, still wet.

Waited for that to dry enough I could walk on it to apply the second full strength coat.  Let it dry over the course of a couple of days to be absolutely sure it was cured and safe to walk on without ruining any of the finish.

modern masters metallic effect floor copper bronze patina concrete diy decor home decor design interior design

This is after second coat of full strength sealer, still sticky.

Here is the final product!  I wasn’t going for the gem geode look but teal, blue and green are my favorite colors so I wanted lots of that and very little brown.   I also didn’t want the crack/lines as used in the link I shared above, so I didn’t do those.

modern masters metallic effects floor diy decor home design interior design copper bronze patina concrete

Final result!

If I do it again (which I KNOW I will at some point), I think I will try to mix more of the copper and bronze with the peroxide and water to get a more mixed look, although it mixed nicely here more mixing would be awesome.  That’s the beauty of using these products, you can get so many different effects just by how you apply everything!

modern masters metallic effects floor home decor interior design copper bronze diy patina conrete

We finished it last week right before the new chandy install, so just ignore that teensy one, mkay!

Next week I’m sharing with you, all of the pieces I am using in the room including some sources of where you can find the same or similar items!  Then it’s the week we’ve all been waiting for, the final reveal, only 2 more weeks to go!!!

Don’t forget to check out what all of the other participants have been up to the last week, some awesomsauce projects happening!

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