One Room Challenge Week 1: Mom’s Oasis, The Design!!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to share that I’m guest participating in the One Room Challenge, (ORC)this season for the first time!  It’s a biannual, 6 week room transformation hosted by the lovely Linda at Calling It Home and is consists of a group of 20 designers and any guest participants that want to make over a room! We share the process from design ideas or moodboard to (hopefully) completion of the project for the final reveal on week 6.

I’ve been having a blast designing a space in our home that has been rather neglected and forgotten about and I hope to have an amazing space to call my very own when it’s complete! That’s right peeps, I am creating my very own Mom’ Only Clubhouse, the Mom Haven, the Mom Cave, the Mom’s Casa and You’re Not Invited, the Save Me From My Kids Retreat.  My own space where I can relax, gasp actually READ a book!  Maybe even do some work or enjoy a glass (3/4 bottle) of wine.

This little room, emphasis on little, is a whopping 64ish sq ft.  It’s only 7’6 by 8’6 in size with a 10ft ceiling.  Tiny is a good word to use and until now it hasn’t had much of a purpose.  The house’s original plans (which we snagged when we were doing our kitchen reno) show it designated as a wine cellar, however it’s carpeted with a big closet that goes under the stairs.  I wouldn’t use it as a wine room, although I do enjoy myself some wine, I am never going to buy enough to need a room to stash it in cause *cough, cough* I drink it.  Alas, we had this tiny awkward room that wasn’t big enough to make a real space out of.   It was a makeshift craft room for my daughter for a couple of years, hence the awful stained carpet from paints and glue.  Then I put our daybed (that we “expertly” crafted with our own hands) in here for our best effort at a guest room.  I had some leftover drapes that matched the bedding on the daybed so I hung those and put up an old mini chandelier I had from our previous house and voila a “guest room”.  Except no one ever wanted to stay in there because it was scary, and small and SO dark.  At least it looked halfway decent when you walked by though!

 Here it is as our “guest room”


Then this awesomesauce challenge came up and I KNEW this is what it was meant to be!  Let’s be honest, what mom gets a space all to herself?  Even the bathroom isn’t off limits.  If I run in there to pee and the door doesn’t latch shut, even the DOGS push it open and lay down to join me.  Really, I have no peace.  Not anymore my friends, now is the time I create myself a space and do WHATEVER it is I want. So I dove in with ideas and folks, I’m LOVIN it and I hope you do too.  I want to inspire you to create your own spaces that give you that no kid’s fly zone!

I’ve got big plans that include ripping out carpet, doing a reclaimed wood treatment on the ceiling, 2 paint colors and some fabulous furniture.  All of this will be done DIY style and on a tight budget.  A budget of $2000, which seems substantial enough but starting fresh we’ll see how it goes!

This is the plan.

A PINK velvet sofa (entire room was designed around this badass piece!), brass, acrylic, a vintage chandy, black, blush pink and metallic floors.  Oh YEAH, chicka chicka, bum bum. (ferris bueller anyone?) Glam meets rustic meets modern meets vintage, in short Eclectic!  I love a mix of styles, materials and textures and this room is no different.  I want to feel like I’m in the lap of luxury but grounded enough to be cozy, comfy and inviting.

So without further ado, here is what I have to work with.  This is the room after I cleared everything out.

Sad, I know.  Flat brown paint, dark with no natural light, one outlet and VERY little square footage.  I mean one wall is just doors for cryin out loud.

There you have it!  There isn’t much to show yet it really is that small but I am beyond excited to get started and I can’t wait to share with you all how it goes and what does (and doesn’t) work, wish me luck.

Stay tuned for week 2 (post up Wednesday/linked to ORC Thursdays!) for some progress towards the overall design when I share the paint colors and ripping out the awful carpet!

Check out all of the other ahhhmazing participants and see what they’ve got going on!  So much design love going on!!



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