My Top 10 Quick and Easy Freshen It Up Tips!


You may have noticed that I tend to change things up…. A LOT.  In the spirit of spring, bright colors and change, I thought I would share with you my top 10 favorite tips and tricks for freshening things up for little or NO money!

1.   Something as simple as rearranging the furniture can make a space feel brand new!  It sounds so basic and obvious but how many of us actually think about it and take the time to try it?  When I have a room that is feeling boring that’s the first thing I consider.  Where and how can I change things in here to make it feel better?  Works every time!


2.   Consider taking pieces from other spaces and using them in a new way!  Cute nightstand but bored of it in the bedroom?  Use one as a side table in the living room or vice versa, use a side table as a night stand!  How about taking that bench from the entryway and using it in the dining room at your table?  Console table behind your couch not serving much of a purpose, move it to a hallway for added storage.  Sky is the limit here!

3.   We’ve rearranged and moved things around but still want a bit of a punch?  Pick up a few new pillows or a throw from TJ Maxx, Target or shop online!  Throw pillows are easy to change, add a pop of color and/or pattern and are inexpensive.  I keep a “store” of pillows and throws that I switch out when I’m feeling like I need an oomph.

Here I’ve changed the room using #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #7, #9 and #10

4.   Want some new artwork to brighten up those walls?  I’ve shared some DIY ideas in previous posts but another favorite of mine is framing your favorite artwork done by your kids.  You’ll never tire of it, it’s completely personalized and best of all it’s free!  Pick up a couple of cheap frames (I LOVE Ikea frames and always have a stash of new ones in various sizes) and pop in some of their beautiful pieces.  Vintage posters, wallpaper pieces and wrapping paper are  more of my fave ideas for artwork.

Another idea for new artwork (I shared previously) is using Ikea frames and pretty thank you cards!

5.   Rugs.  This is a whole other post in itself but my secret here is the same as #1, if you have more than a couple, rotate them.  If you have a small budget and want something new try Rugs USA.  They always have great discounts and free shipping with a HUGE selection!  Just like accessories a rug can make or break a room.  But what if you have carpet?  Do a RUG!  It grounds the room and adds visual interest as a base to the rest of your decor.

6.  Paint.  Depending on how much or how little work you want to undertake, you can paint the walls.  Or if you’re like me, painting the walls in my main living spaces isn’t an option (the entire space took us 5 days last time) so look at small projects that make a big impact.  Coffee table looking drab, give it a light sanding and slap some fun on it!  Go for a pattern or a color that will give your room a jolt, it will instantly liven up the rest of your furniture with little to no investment other than a little bit of your time and a bit of paint.

This is where I placed those pink chairs from before!  I used #1, #3 and #8

7.  Rearrange the artwork!  I’ve shared some artwork ideas with you already but what about what you already have?  Move those pieces around.  I regularly rotate art around the house and it’s like they are new again.  Have you ever noticed when something sits in the same place for an extended period you just don’t really notice it anymore?  Placing it in a new location helps to combat that, take the piece or photo you’ve had over the fireplace forever and put something from another room here!  That mantel piece now seems new in another location and the piece you placed over the mantel feels new!

8.   Declutter.  This one is more about appreciating and noticing what you have.  We tend to gather and collect things and not notice what’s around us.  Set aside a little bit of time to go through what you have and whether you still love it or not, then you can decide where to place things to get the most out of them.

9.   Drapes.  I have a stash with my pillows and throws and regularly switch them out, at least seasonally.  I get bored and want it to look fresh and bright, or cozy and warm (depending on the weather).   You can pick up drapes on the cheap at TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Ikea or online.  If you’re handy you can make your own by picking out fabric and either sewing, or using no sew tape that you  can iron, to make custom drapes for less!

Here is our entryway now!  I used #1, #2, #3, #5, #7 and #10

10.  Fresh flowers.  This one seems too simple to mention but it’s worth it.  I am a huge advocate of fresh flowers and the ambiance they give a room.  I always pick up fresh flowers every other week at either Costco or my local grocery store in the floral clearance section.  You can get quite a bit of flowers for very little money this way.  I once spent $26 and got 5 vases of bouquets.  Pick up what feels seasonal and inviting.  Right now for spring I’m going for tulips, light colored roses and greenery!

These are my big secrets for switching things up and falling in love with everything I already have all over again.

Love where you live and make it you!

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