My Shopping Secret and Second Love…

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I recently talked about how good design doesn’t have to be expensive (here) and my big obsession with shopping at the fleas (here and here)  so today I’m diving in and sharing my biggest and most favorite (next to the fleas) source for decor items.

It’s Home Goods!  I know this comes as no surprise to many of you, let’s be honest it wasn’t really a big secret.  BUT it’s totally worth sharing and chatting about all on it’s own.

The coffee tables, side table, accessories, pillows and sofa are all from Home Goods!

Just like the flea markets I tend to try and visit once a week to see the new inventory.  Things tend to turn over quickly there and you never know what you will come across. A large number of things in our home from side tables to chairs, to sofas to rugs to art I have found at Home Goods.  If you don’t have a Home Goods in your area they are from the same company as TJMaxx and Marshalls so don’t fret there should be at least one of those near you!

My local Home Goods employees know me so well that we have regular chit chat when I come in.  As in “how are you?”  “How are the kids?”  “What are they up to today?”  Yes they know how many kids I have, remember the last big dresser I purchased there (2 years ago) and that we homeschool. I am a regular.  No shame up in here peeps, its the only way to stay on top of the good stuff when it comes in!

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The chair is Marshalls, the faux fur throw is Home Goods as are the pillow, picture frames, mirror tray and mirror!

My hubs jokes I should have my own parking spot as I’m there so often.  Home Goods, if you’re reading, it might not be a bad idea! ; ) I love that you can get some incredible pieces from original art (just poke through the art section, you would be surprised some of the amazing pieces you come across), to mirrors, bath towels and everything in between.

They bring in global items like furniture and textiles made in India which brings a new flavor to the store and your home.  This is a big fave of mine and I LOVE when they do this as it gives me the opportunity to bring things into our home that are made from hands across the globe and give layers to our spaces. (They recently carried baskets made in Africa too)

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Most of the throw pillows, the swing chair, the butterfly chairs, the side tables, accessories, elephant on the fireplace, lamps and big blue painting are all from Home Goods.  These are all items I’ve amassed over the years and put together for this space!

Drapes, lamps or pillows?  They got ya covered! I swear every lamp I own is from Home Goods.  When I tag on instagram I can only tag Home Goods once but 80% of the pic is probably from there.

Well worth the visit and I will never move somewhere that doesn’t have one within driving distance.  I know that might sound absolutely ridiculous but to me it’s like living somewhere that doesn’t have a grocery store.  It’s LIFE!

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The dresser, accessories (other than the wood box, antique books and brass starbursts) and the painting are all from Home Goods!

Ok, maybe not life but darn near it!  Home Goods never lets me down when I have something specific in mind.  Give them a go if you have one in your area and if you don’t, check out your local Marshalls or TJMaxx they carry a small sampling of the same items. (I swear I have no affiliation with them, just a genuine love affair akin to a second mister) Home me!  I’m available!!

Almost everything you see here from the bench to the vases to the pillows, branches, wreath and grass moose are from Home Goods! (Frame is a flea find)

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This bookshelf is from Home Goods as are some of the accessories!

What is your favorite place to shop for home decor items?  Do you love Home Goods as much as I do? Share your thoughts below in comments!

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