My Second Metallic Wall….I’m Obsessed!!

You may remember when I did the metallic wall treatment in the master bedroom, using Modern Masters Metallic Effects bronze paint with the blue patina.  Well, I had so much fun with this paint system I wanted to use it for another project! I have this wall in my family room, it’s a partial wall with a floor to ceiling fireplace and a shelfy thing built into it on either side with regular shelves below.  In other words it’s kind of a weird wall.  I’ve been contemplating what to do with it for a VERY long time.  When we moved in the entire house was this horrendous tan/brown color, I mean everything.  I had some leftover paint that was a blue charcoal color and on a whim painted this wall just to get rid of some of the brown.  It stayed that color for the next 4 1/2 years, I couldn’t figure out what else to do with it and I didn’t hate it, this color looked ok.   Well after our bedroom wall turned out so well, I had all of this paint, and I had copper in the kitchen it seemed like a natural leap to try out the copper paint and patinas on this wall.  So we cracked open the cans and this is how it went!

First we of course covered everything really well with plastic, the trim, electrical outlets and floor.  The patina solutions have some strong chemicals and you don’t want that getting on other surfaces as a precaution.  After making sure it was all good to go we applied the first coat which is primer.  It went on very smoothly and gave good coverage.  We let that sit and dry.

Here’s a shot of the primer.

 Next step was applying the first of 2 coats of copper paint.  It literally looks like a penny, only on the wall.  It’s a beautiful color with metallic glints.  In case you missed it in the last post I did on this paint, it actually contains copper metals which is what reacts with the patina solution.

After the first coat you need to get your patina solutions ready and have a plan or idea in mind of how you want to apply it.  Since this wall goes so high up,  20ft, we figured it would be best to start at the top on the left side and work our way down.  We worked in sections, just like before.  The hubs painted, stepped off the ladder and I would quickly climb up with the green patina bottle in one hand and the blue patina bottle in the other.  (each patina solution was in it’s own spray bottle, I picked these up at Lowes for $1 each)  I opted to spray lighter than the bedroom wall and see what happened.  I ended up not liking it as much so I went back and hand brushed copper paint in the places I thought were a little light in patina and then spritzed/sprayed the patina on.

It’s definitely worth noting that you can go back and keep messing with it as much as you like.  I was a bit nervous at first but I ended up liking the result so much more.  (Sorry there are no pics in action of this step, it’s so dry here in CO the paint starts to dry very quickly so it was literally step up, step down, step up step down, etc)

And here is the final product!  You can see the patinas in the blue and green colors.  It’s a fun change from the blue charcoal and it’s definitely unique.  So to recap if you like this effect the product line I used is Modern Masters Metallic Effects Primer, Copper paint and Blue and Green Patinas.  A couple of my favorite things about the patinas are 1. it’s a real patina that is developed between the reaction of the copper metals in the paint with the patina solution and 2. it continues to change and develop over time

You can find these products online in various places, for the best $$$ consider purchasing from a few different vendors.  This is what I did and it saved me a couple hundred dollars!

Side note: Tulip is front and center in her usual spot, doggies are everywhere here!  (Pups instagram is the_flufftastic_four if you want to see more of them)

Happy Metallic Effects Painting!


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