My Afternoon Off….And The Importance of Me Time

my afternoon off and the importance of me time, spending time on your own, me time

I’m reminded how important this is so I had to share with you!  I got yesterday afternoon off!  I know what you’re thinking….what do you mean you got the afternoon off and why is that so exciting?

Because it never happens and it never happens!  I’m a SAHM interior styling, blogging, homeschool mama to 4 incredible kiddos.  Not only that but the last week and a half have seen me running around this here house like a mad woman making decisions to sell stuff, moving said stuff out of the house into the garage (with the oldest’s begrudging help), listing stuff for sale, setting up appointments (like carpet cleaning), rearranging rooms of furniture (for best staging purposes), touching up paint, and trying to stay on top of regular mom duties. (we’re getting ready to list our house! Read about that here and my to do’s here)  Did I mention that 2 of our 4 kids start sports next week?  Yeah I’m crazy.  I am pretty sure I qualify for straight jacket solitary at this point.

Seriously…me documenting being alone.

For reals you guys, my kids were like why is mom so cranky lately?  BUT, yesterday something magical happened.  I went out ALONE.  That’s right, totally and completely by myself.  You guys this hasn’t happened since the dinosaurs.  I have been running on all cylinders to the point of passing out in bed and not remembering how I got there (no alcohol related passing out thank you). So this was a much needed relief!  Quiet, solitude, just doing what I want to do with no interruptions and telling my brain to shut it.

Some of the plant cuttings in vintage jars I found at the flea.

What do I do when I’m alone you ask?  Nothing fancy, I went to my fave flea and picked up a couple of inexpensive little vintage bottles with plant cuttings.  And then proceeded on to Home Goods and Tuesday Morning where I found the most amazing chair!  (I know we’re moving soon but that doesn’t mean I can’t make things cuter and sell old stuff that’s not important to me right?!)  Once a changer always a changer.  I just can’t help it!

Took this pic for my daughter…..she has a bunny and is obsessed with anything bunny related.

Then I was headed to trusty Starbucks (seriously a life blood for me…I should be embarrassed…..but I’m not) when I get a call from the hubs.  “Can you stop at Home depot and pick up xxx?”  Le sigh, ok I’ll run over there and pick it up.

One of these chairs came home with me….can you guess which color?

Only to be in HD and having to call said hubs and end up walking ALL over to find 10,000 things and texting 5000 pics to make sure I was buying the right stuff. Arg.

Alas, I made it out alive with a trunk full of HD stuff where my iced coffee was now more of a lukewarm beverage (eye roll).  I decided gosh darn it (that’s the g version) I’m not going home yet! (I know…I’m such a rebel)  So I wandered through a couple of other stores window shopping before finally heading home to the crew. (I LOVE and adore my family…but 24/7 + stress of prepping to list =  no bueno) On the way home the hubs calls to see where I’m at.  “Almost home” as I pull in the driveway and the madness continues….Who’s ready for dinner?  Everyone!

It was amazing while it lasted a couple of short hours. (2 hours of me time with 1 hour of HD hubs time) I intend to, or at least attempt, make this a regular thing.  At least more often than once a millenia.  Even just a couple of hours made such a difference, getting out of the house doing nothing special but just hanging out with lil ole me, myself and I.

There’s something about the quiet and being alone with your thoughts that really puts things into a calm state and gets you ready for the cra cra again.  I highly recommend, cause if mama ain’t happy NOBODY happy.  (You can read about my last time out here)

And a huge shoutout to ALLLL the ladies out there….today is International Women’s Day!!  A day to celebrate and love yourself and each other.  Sending much love to you, my female friends do something for yourself today, even if it’s just taking 5 minutes to lock yourself in the bathroom, look in the mirror and remind yourself how amazing you are.

When was the last time you had alone time?  What are your fave things to do when you have time to go off by yourself?  I always LOVE to hear from ya!

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