Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

One of my absolute fave things to use around the house are mirrors. They are so versatile in form, function and style. I think they are so underrated and should be more utilized and appreciated!

Here I’m going to share some of my mirrors that I have around the house and the different spaces I use them along with why I placed them there and how they benefit the space.

First up is the entryway, this is one of those places that you should always have a mirror. Not only for the last minute hair and makeup checks, of course that’s a given, but it also gives you a first opportunity to display your style as it’s an introduction into your home, the first space people see when they come in the door. Definitely take advantage of this by placing a mirror that speaks to you here. I currently have this oval white framed beauty hanging with screws and nails From Tradefix Direct in our entryway as it nicely complements the long and rectangular bench. I wanted a shape that would break up those lines. (all of these I have had in our home for quite some time I just regularly switch them around the house) The fun and textured frame also gives a nice contrast to the clean and simple wood of the bench; modern meets antique meets fun pillows = welcome to my home!

In our dining room I did another mirror. But it’s right inside the entryway, do I need another mirror? The easy answer is no, BUT I have this amazing wallpaper mural on the far wall (largest wall in the space) and I didn’t want anything to compete with it in any way. Going with a fun animal carved white framed mirror allows it to complement the mural while also being able to stand on it’s own. It’s all about the flow baby! I could have placed a piece of artwork here or pictures but it would have given the eye too much competition visually. You walk in the room and where do you look? The artwork, the pictures, the mural? This way the mirror reflects the chandelier and the natural light from the window keeping the room feeling light and bright while quietly complementing the mural and allowing that to be the star, yet the mirror itself isn’t boring!

Behind the dining room wall is a long hallway to the master bedroom and there is no natural light in here so it feels dark and closed in. I placed another mirror in the art niche at the end of it, this one is a window style where the panels on the front open to reveal plain mirror. I decided to keep it closed highlighting the detail of the carved wooden panels while still getting the reflection of the mirror behind it. This helps with the dark feeling of the hallway while not being a plain boring mirror. I also placed a fun vase and flower piece I found at a traveling flea market in front of the mirror to help lighten it up and give it a touch of fun.

This spot is new for a mirror, it’s a smallish wall that goes from our family room into our kitchen and has always been a bit temperamental. I have had various pieces of artwork here, but given the size of the wall and the front and center location I tend to switch things out A LOT. (much to the hubs dismay) In my defense I really can’t help it, if something is staring me in the face every day I get antsy to change it up, makes perfect sense to me! Anywho, this absolutely gorgeous lovely was what I have had in my entry for the last year or so, but switching it out for the oval mirror I had to put it in a spot where I would see it and enjoy it every day. At first I wasn’t sure if it would look to big for this wall but I absolutely HAD to try it out. We hung it up there and I LOVE IT! It really makes the kitchen feel bigger as well as the family room space. And I know I won’t ever get sick of it staring me in the face every day (although first thing in the morning stumbling into the kitchen and seeing my morning hair, well I just don’t look)

On the opposite wall in our family room above the tv is another space I have struggled with finding the right piece. We painted the wall the copper patina a few months ago and although we love the paint treatment it’s incredibly difficult to find things to hang on it that look right! So we have this awkward space above a niche in the wall, where there are also speakers built in that is between shelving and a fireplace. I tried every piece of artwork I own here, nothing looked good against the paint it just felt like too much going on. I finally stumbled upon this beautiful acrylic and brass mirror at Home Goods and here she is! It doesn’t fight with the paint treatment and gives a modern feel to an industrial antiquey painted wall.

Our laundry room is very dark with no natural light. Since mirrors are such a great trick to balance that I put a large starburst mirror over the sink which is what you see when you walk in from the garage (our most used entrance into the house). It’s fun, funky, modern and brightens it up!

Our basement family room is another room that has no natural light, can you sense the recurring theme here! I LOVE sunlight, the more the merrier. I never keep the drapes closed (during the day, that sounds riske) and do whatever I can to make spaces feel lighter and brighter. It’s definitely my favorite thing about mirrors! But I got sidetracked (doesn’t that always happen or is it just to me?!) I put a large mirror with a blue wooden frame down here flanked by some of my kids artwork. I used to have it on the fireplace upstairs but things travel here! Again, it makes the space feel larger and airier (is that a word?) while adding a splash of color on an otherwise large gray wall.

Another small hallway with very little natural light means I hung another mirror!


To recap my mirror love post here are the reasons why I love them and when to use them:

  1. Mirrors are the perfect way to brighten up a room. Dark walls? Mirror Little to no natural light? Mirror
  2. You want something on the wall but don’t want it to compete with another focal point in the room.
  3. Perfect in a gallery wall. Mix and match pictures and artwork with different size and shaped mirrors
  4. Want to make an impact but don’t want colorful or busy artwork? Choose a mirror that reflects your style with a colorful, fun material frame or shape.
  5. Is your bathroom dull? Give it a splash with an out of the ordinary mirror! Quick easy and inexpensive.
  6. If you have a small room or space and want it to feel bigger, put up a mirror.

Are you fans of mirrors? I would love to hear your favorite ways to use mirrors!


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