Master Bedroom Reveal!!


So let’s recap where we started and where we ended up!  Fully carpeted (nasty carpet), light lavender walls and a traditional queen size bed.  It was a beautiful room just not “wow”.  I love color, nature and personality in our home and while our room was relaxing and lovely it just never felt quite right.  

I began this master bedroom revamp back in August when I stumbled upon my dream bed frame that I first saw several years ago at Anthropologie.  A beautiful white four poster canopy bed frame in a branch and leaf style, affectionately called the forest canopy bed.  A handmade, solid iron whimsical bed that I could see myself dreaming lovely dreams of happy jaunts down forest paths. The kind of bed that stays with you forever.  Alas, it had a steep price tag to match my big dreams and sadly, I moved on.  At the time we had no budget and built our own bed, which we used for the next 3 years until we moved into a new house and put it in our daughters room.  We ended up finding the St. James bed frame in white from the Restoration Hardware Outlet and we used that for the next 4 years, until I saw the forest canopy bed in white was clearanced at Anthropologie.  Down a couple thousand dollars, still out of budget but more reasonable!  It sold out almost immediately before I could convince the hubs it must be ours!!  Oh what a sad day.

 I decided that there must be something similar that I could find that would be as beautiful.  It became a personal mission, I just couldn’t let it go.  Not only was this bed beautiful but I have a major crush on…trees.  I know, sounds funny right?  We live in a “newer”, 10-15 year old, subdivision and there aren’t any big mature beautiful trees around us.  A field behind, no trees, one small maple in our backyard and 3 small trees in our boulevard.  I miss them people, so if you have them, enjoy them.  I miss the sound the wind makes when it blows through the leaves and watching the branches sway, the shade they make in the heat of summer.  My obsession is unnatural but it’s there.  I have confessed.  


Anyway, the short version is I had to find this bed or a version of it, I HAD TO!  I did some googling and researching and found a store in Colorado that sells the EXACT same bed!  Handmade, ordered directly from the blacksmith that makes it, in white and it was on sale from the already drastically cheaper price than Anthropologie.  This is too good to be true!  I called the store and sure enough they submit the order when purchased and the bed is made just for you.  And yes it was an extra 10% off of the sale price, (which brought it down to over 60% off of the Anthro price) and they offer free shipping too!?  I was sold and hubs, who knew I had lusted after this beauty for years, was on board!  Sign me up, here’s my payment aaaannndd I have to wait 8 weeks for it to arrive (since it’s handmade).  Ok I think I can survive.  Thus our bedroom makeover commences, with some issues on delivery….and then after a long, arduous and frustrating wait it FINALLY arrived 11 ½ weeks later, on a pallet.  This sucker was listed at 500 pounds so we had to bring it in piece by piece.   After the LONG and incredibly frustrating wait we got it put together and had a bed!  It’s beautiful and heavy and well built.  It is everything I hoped it would be.  The bed finishes the room and the wall compliments it perfectly.


Ok, enough of the bed right, (can you tell I love it?!) on to the rest of the room.  Everything in here I already had around the house with the exception of the handcarved bench, which I picked up at World Market at 70% off.  (I waited for this beauty to go on sale and had another place in mind for it but it worked better in here)  The mirrored glass accent pieces next to it are from Home Goods and the white sheepskin underneath is one I have had for awhile as a throw that I bought from RugsUSA.  I’m a big believer in what I call “shopping your house”.  Most of us see items, furniture pieces, etc. in one place and don’t rethink where else they might be able to go.  Whenever I feel like I need a change or a switch up, I start wandering around the house and getting creative.  By taking this approach I: a. Don’t spend more money on new stuff  b. Challenge myself to see things in a new light, thereby appreciating them all over again c. Creating what feels like an entire new room!


I have the tv in the corner on the tree root console, another Home Goods find, that I had out in the family room originally but love it in here.


Next to that is a cowhide patchwork ottoman that’s from Marshalls, it used to live in the basement as a side table.  A leather sofa from the Restoration Hardware Outlet works perfectly under the window, previously used in our school room, and an old trunk that I picked up at an antique store serves as a coffee table, which is a piece I’ve had for years and has lived in multiple rooms of the house.  Underneath the old trunk are sheepskin rugs I got at Costco and originally had pieced together in our family room as one large rug.  I brought them in here and separated them for different spaces.  They feel amazing to walk on, especially when you first get up in the morning and sink your feet into them. The velvet drapes and silver embroidered sheers are all from Home Goods.


In the corner is my vanity.  The vanity base pieces were around $150 from the RH Outlet, which I then had a piece of glass cut to fit the top from a local shop for $40.  The zebra print chair is a jolt of fun that I’ve had for several years as well and a Marshalls find.  The mirror, which ended a year long search for the perfect one, was found at Home Goods and I teared up when I saw it.  A year of searching for just the right mirror and I had lost hope when one magical day I turned a corner and it was there waiting for me.  


On the side wall opposite the bench and fireplace are 2 linen wingback chairs, also from the RH Outlet that I’ve had in our family and living rooms previously.  Between them is the beautimous geode side table and an original painting, both from Home Goods. Also on the wall are 2 geode starburst pieces from Target.  


The bed, well I have said so much about that already.  But the mirrored side tables I stumbled upon at Tuesday Morning and lamps are from Marshalls.  All of which we had previously.  The gray quilt is called the rivulets quilt from Anthropologie along with the matching shams.  And the duvet at the foot is a queen size from prior that was also an Anthropologie set.  I will eventually find something to replace it in a king size and put this in our daughters room but I’m in no rush and want to find the perfect duvet to take it’s place.  I have some accent pillows on the bed also from Marshalls.  On either side of the bed are more of the sheepskins from Costco that made up the rug in the family room.  Our chandelier is a brass and crystal craigslist find, said to have come from the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park when they renovated the rooms some years back.


The closet has 2 white sheepskins, also from Costco and part of the larger rug concept.  A tufted silver velvet chair from TJ Maxx is in the corner which is handy for putting on your shoes, or in our case catching clothes when you’re too lazy to put them away.  The 2 chandeliers are from One Kings Lane and were the first thing I did in here.  The wallpaper I’ve had up for awhile is a discontinued chinoiserie pattern from Anthropologie, I love the drama and fun it brings to the space.  Wallpaper in the closet?!  Yes, yes and yes!


And there you have it!  Our finished master bedroom that I now not just like, not just love but adore.  My hubs loves it too, which is big for me as he usually doesn’t have much of an opinion (unless he hates something).  He definitely didn’t see where I was going with this whole room but he had faith it would be great.  It makes it that much better that he loves it too, he says it makes him smile every time he walks in, and let me tell you, it doesn’t get any better than that  My parents came to visit and my mom commented she would never have had the gusto to do such a bold statement with the wall.  My response was “no guts no glory” and by that I mean, if you never go outside of your comfort zone, even a small accessory, entry rug or piece of art you may never know what you’re missing.  And my biggest motto, when in doubt you can always return it! (p.s. just make sure you check the return policy first)

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