Master Bedroom Refresh + Tips to Amp it Up!

I have gone and done it again, the master bedroom is different. (And there’s more to come in the rest of the house so stay tuned on the refresher business : )) I have talked about this before but dang, things are always evolving, changing and adapting to better accommodate not only my mood at that time but the use of those spaces.

I get antsy and admit it, no probs, so when I was really itching for a change in the bedroom but didn’t want to take substantial time to figure out WHAT exactly I wanted to change I opted instead to simply move the furniture around.  Not only is this a much quicker way to make a space feel fresh, it’s totally FREE! And only takes you as long as you spend moving around your furniture.  For us maybe a couple of hours (mostly due to moving and re-installing electronics)

Before I dive into what it is now I want to share what it was before.

Here’s a wide shot to show you most of the room from before (to see the rest of the room before go here!)

And now as it is today!

I decided to move the bed in front of the window, I must say I’ve never done that before!  But with the layout of this room it was the only other spot to fit the bed and side tables other than the wall it was previously on.  I actually really love it like this!  I also brought my 2 ikea cowhides in here to create some interest on the floor (is that carpet not fugly or what?!) and tie into the black in the suzani.

This is what you see to the left when you enter the room. I put the bench here under the fireplace with a big ole plant and a very cool vintage swag light.  I got some swag peeps, in case ya didn’t already know. hahaha

Here is a front shot. The wood piece above has been there FOREVS and is an architectural salvage piece.  The bench is the perfect fit here, it doesn’t impede the walkway to the bathroom or closet and is the perfect spot to put your shoes on or drop your bag, etc.

This corner used to be our tv corner!  The tv was wall mounted with the wood root piece (now at the foot of the bed) underneath it.  I swapped it for a cool vintage wicker chair I picked up at a flea, a faux fig tree and a side table draped with a vintage handmade textile and a brass pot with succulents!  I really love the way this came together.  It’s interesting, fun and fits the corner perfectly.  (If ya follow me on Insta, hey there!  But you will have seen all of these pieces already just in different spots!)

This is just a little further back to show you the full space and my side table with styling.  I picked up that white porcelain and blown glass lamp (there are 2!) $25 for the pair at a flea and put my own fun shades on them!  I love the balance between vintage and funky they bring.  And the pink frame with our kiddos art propped there with some of my antique books.  Keep things you love next to your bed, it will always be a lovely sight when you wake up!  Now who can spot the Bogey (our Newfoundland) fluff?  Think of it like where’s waldo only with fur. : )

Shifting on over to the other side….. Oh hey there you sexy thang! (I mean the bed frame haha)

Here’s that wood root console I mentioned earlier!  It turns out it’s the perfect size for a table at the foot of the bed.  And it really balances out the bold suzani (blanket on the bed, read more here!), the white bed frame and pops of pink on the sides. A fab natural element that ties in with our diy wood ceiling!

Here’s the hubs side table. The matching lamp, some more antique books and another piece of treasured kid art!  I gotta mention these frames again.  I custom ordered them with Frame It Easy online.  I seriously can’t get enough of this US made company.  Not only are they cheaper than your local framing shops but you order it online and it ships right to your door.  No more 10 stops at the framing shop. (see this post for more info!!)

My vanity area moved from the corner to the wall where the painting and dresser used to be and I REALLY love it in this spot.

Look at that view!!

Opposite the bed is the metallic effects wall where the bed used to be.  (see this post on how to create this wall!!) I swapped the green sofa for the pink sofa from the mom’s oasis and hung the art over the tv. (Tip!  We adjusted the wire on the back of the painting so it reaches to a screw just above the tv so when the tv isn’t in use I just pop it back on and voila no ugly tv!) There’s the $25 DIY brass floor lamp I shared here!  I changed the shade with another lamp I have, it’s a metallic stitched cream so it stands out against the dark wall.  I think the only new thing would be the plant and the wood panels.  They are from church pews from early era new england, found at a local flea for cheapo! If I get tired of them here I plan to re-purpose them into something new.

And that my friends is the bedroom as it is today!  How just some simple furniture swapping and rearranging (along with stealing from a few other places in the house) can give you a whole new room! I’m pretty happy with it…..for now.  Until I decide what color I want to paint the walls or perhaps wallpaper! Woohoo, but that’s down the road.  I’m in the midst of some other fun projects so stick around for more changes elsewhere!

What do you think?  Do you swap furniture around to make a room feel fresh and new?  Do you prefer to just leave it or buy new and change it? I always love to hear from ya so hit me up in the comments!

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