Mad Love For The House of Opal…..Target, Ya Did Good! *Fist Bump*


I had been hearing so much about this new line at Target called Opalhouse.  It took me a week to get my hind end in to check out it out for myself and see what all the hype is about.

OMG you guys it’s SO much better than I hoped!  FINALLY a line for us boho loving, natural textured colorful peeps!  I seriously expressed my glee to the target employees that stopped and asked me “what project are you working on?”  As my cart was literally overflowing.  Me “umm, just freshening up my family room…”  duck and cover…oh wait what’s that?!

My friends if you are at all interested in boho decor (I wrote all about what boho is and how to incorporate it here) you MUST check out this line.  It’s got so much to love and I’m gonna say it’s not just for boho lovers as so many pieces are universally awesome.

As mentioned I purchased several things (not as much as I wanted to but ya know, girl’s gotta pace herself) and I did a mini makeover of our family room.  It was feeling heavy and I wanted to lighten it up without losing the personality.  And I am not a white person, just gonna say it right now.  BUT I was inspired to use white as an ACCENT instead of a main color in here and the results are pretty frickin exciting!

Here’s our main family room (with Tulip’s butt) after!  From here you can see the pillows on the blue sofa are lighter, the painting above the tv is different as are the drapes and the lamp in the left corner. Not huge changes but they make a big difference in the whole room feeling lighter and more fresh.

Neutrals don’t have to be boring!  They just need texture to amp up the interest factor.  This is the painting I picked up at Home Goods to replace the bright blue one to highlight the white accents I was adding.  It’s got this awesome texture to it and the added bonus of metallic paints on the texture while the background is a neutral white with grays.

Here I added the cute wicker elephant on the blue table and the fig you see in the corner with a basket from Opalhouse.  I am a wanted and notorious plant killer so I thought I would give their faux fig a try.  I even got input from all my fab peeps on IG and the consensus was….it looks totes real especially with the basket. I’m sold!  I can’t kill it, it needs no watering so no mess and it looks awesome ALL the time.  Although the hubs said to me “this may be the only fake plant that actually dies” Argh who wants to kick him for me?  I may go buy another I love it so much!  Check out your local Targets as this one is sold out online.  (here’s the online link just in case)

And I simply can’t forget to point out those ahhmazing macrame pillows on this sofa!  They are loaded with texture while being neutral and fabulous!  I LOVE them and could use them in so many spaces!  They are great staple accessories.  Here’s the link for those pillows!

Here’s a close up shot of the adorable elephant basket I found from Opalhouse.  It holds all of our random remotes and looks adorable doing it. (Here’s a direct link to it)

From here you can see my new curtains!  They are from the opalhouse line at Target and were the perfect fit for me.  I had tried some white sheers just before finding these and they are SO much better.  They look 10x more expensive and that detail along the edges, le sigh.  So gorge! If you want to buy some for yourself here’s the link! Lets in all the light while still providing a bit of privacy, perfect balance.

Here I used 4 new pillows and the rest I already had.  The 2 big pink ones on the outsides are from Opalhouse (here’s the link!) and are amazing!  They are this beautiful blush color with lots of texture and some metallic gold sequins sewn in.  Ties in beautifully with the white painting above while still giving a hint of color to connect with the pink in the rug. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention those white circular velvet tufted beauties toward the middle.  They have those in so many colors I had a very difficult time not buying them all!  (Here’s the link for the white ones you see here)

Here’s a nice shot of the curtains I shared the link above if you like them too!  They are so pretty and look so expensive!  I might go pick up 2 more to put in the middle of those 2 windows, we’ll see how that plays out. (winky wink) And the basket you see behind the swing chair is also from opalhouse.  It holds slippers/outside sandals!

Here’s the far corner by the doors/fireplace.  I used to have a rope lamp here with a colorful shade but it kind of got lost.  I picked up this stunner and it really is the perfect white and brass accent.  Notice the cool texture/pattern on the shade?  Not just a boring old white shade! Here’s the link to this exact lamp!  OMG you guys I loved it even more when I opened it up out of the box.  It’s understated but gorgeous at the same time.

Here’s another shot showing you the main wall with the tv and the new white/metallic painting.  It’s much more calm than before yet definitely not lacking in personality!

I will DEF be back for more opalhouse, maybe not for a bit as I did kind of buy out the local stores but I see SO much great stuff online that wasn’t in the stores.  We’ll see what else needs updating around here! ; )

I am loving these few subtle but maja impact changes.  In short give your local Target a look and check out this line.  I am SO in love I can’t even tell ya!  I have to say it again cause it’s so worth it….THANK YOU TARGET for FINALLY giving us a boho line!  It’s affordable, chic and accessible and it’s about damn time!

What do you think?  Have you checked out Opalhouse?  Do you love it or is just ok?  I always love to hear your thoughts!  Please share in comments below!

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