Looking Back at 2018 & Forward to 2019

I always get very thoughtful this time of year (as so many do).  I think about what was good about 2018, what wasn’t so good, what did I learn and how have I grown.

2018 was a crazy ride to be sure.  It started out with our intention to move across the country for a job offer for my hubs.  At the same time I was featured in an Apartment Therapy House call which was a pleasant surprise.

Our “smile pretty for the camera even though we all feel super awkward” family shot.

We spent the first 3 months getting the house ready to sell, dealing with the emotional aspects of preparing our family to leave our home and life here.

Meanwhile things were moving along in Eclectic Twist land, the kids were in all kinds of sports activities and we maintained our homeschooling all 4. It was a whole lotta crazy and a whole lotta emotional.

Our “this is the real us” family shot. haha (the most realistic photos of us)

We ended up deciding to stick around and my hubs turned down the job.  (which we haven’t regretted!)  I got asked to be in not 1 but 2 magazines, Good Homes India and Origin Magazine.  A literal dream come true!

We thoroughly enjoyed our summer taking weekend trips, hanging on the beach and fishing.  Relatively chill on the home front while I kept up the pace on Eclectic Twist, IG and the like.  It came to an end with a full house tour on Apartment Therapy.

Our crew, all human babes and our canine babies. My loves!

All of a sudden August hit and our oldest ventured into a public charter high school along with hs football on the daily.  It was a big adjustment for the whole family, keeping up with all of his stuff and continuing to homeschool the other 3 then adding in the younger ones sports activities.  There wasn’t a single down day but it was SO worth it.

Our oldest is loving his school and doing really well, he has tons of friends and is so stoked for football next year.  Our younger 3 keep a busy social life, we’ve got sleepovers, play dates, and hang out sesh’s.

My hubs knows me so well….a shirt he gave me for xmas.  Mmmm Jamie…..

For me it’s been a year of growth, reflection, finding direction and frustrations.  I am at a place I never expected to be, which is Eclectic Twist is really becoming something.  And I want it to be more than just sharing here on the blog.  I have big ideas and a big end game that I hope to see it grow into some day.

I’ve been frustrated by distractions and disappointments in both personal and professional aspects of life.  But something that I’m pretty proud of…it’s forced me to really step into my own.  No more bullshit, no more giving more than I’ve got and no more tolerating less than I deserve.  I gotta say it’s been absolutely liberating.  I’m stronger than I ever realized, I appreciate the things that really matter and forget the things that don’t. If it doesn’t bring something positive to my life in some way….it’s not in it.

My pj pick for my hubs! bwahaha

So as I look toward 2019 I feel nothing but excited and positive.  I am working on something I’m pretty excited about that I hope to share in the next month or so, a bit of a pet project that’s been in my mind for a good 6 months. I am def continuing to share it all with ya here on the blog, my diy’s, projects, designs, etc.  Which brings me to some big plans I have for spaces in our house this year so def stick around to see all of that!

I plan to continue really diving into myself and doing more self care/love.  Forging my path I’m seeing in my mind’s eye, setting aside time to read (one of my favorite things ever), focus on my family and stay true to my convictions.

It’s been a good year and I’ve learned a lot, I can’t wait to see what I’ll learn in 2019.  Happiest of New Year’s to all of you and yours, may this year bring you all the good things life has to offer.

Do you do resolutions?  What are your thoughts on the year 2018 has been?  What are you excited about for 2019?

I always love to hear from ya so def hit me up in the comments or shoot me an email!

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