It’s Time for the Fall ORC!! Helloooo New Office!

one room challenge, office, schoolroom, home decor, interior design, faux greenery, antique doors, pink rug, velvet sofa

ORC time again folks, that’s one room challenge if you’re new here!  It’s a 6 week redesign of a space in your home. You follow along the whole way through and get to see the entire space transform!  I participated in the spring ’17 ORC and had a blast along with getting a fab Mom’s Oasis at the end of it.  Now I have been DYING to share with you all my plans for this space.  But first, how about we talk about what I had to work with?!

office, home decor, interior design, blue, rug, tapestry

It’s not pretty my friends, I know what you’re thinking….it’s so boring, so ugly, so uninspiring!  I know, it has long been my source of shame.  A little background on it.  This was our almost 5 year old’s nursery originally and when he outgrew it and was ready to move into a big boy room it became our office/school room.  We homeschool and up until changing the use of this space, we used our kitchen counter as our school area and office.  It was a relief to just have a room to do it in! I never even bothered to paint it a different color!

Fast forward a year or 2 and we picked up a few pieces of furniture to throw in there to serve intended purposes but not to actually look nice together.  We bought a dining table to use as our desk, a few dining chairs, a cabinet/bookshelf to hold all of our junk, 2 white boards and a vintage workbench we already had to hold our printer and other junk.

It wasn’t pretty but it served it’s purpose.  Until I decided enough is enough and I don’t want to be embarrassed by this space anymore.  It needed a major overhaul and the fall ORC was upon us so I knew it was meant to be.

Here’s what I had to deal with when coming up with a design.

One wall has 2 doors, an entry door and a closet door leaving not much wall space in between.

office, interior design, home decor, blue

Entrance is on the right and closet is on the left.

Another wall has a fireplace that sees through to the family room.  Peekaboo!

office, home decor, interior design, fireplace, schoolroom, cabinet

Entrance door is on the left and window is on the right.

Opposite the doors wall is the window with a smidgey of wall space.

home decor, interior design, office

There’s the overfull, embarrassment of a cabinet on the left (which is right next to the fireplace)

Which left me with one whole wall of usable space.

home decor, interior design, office, tapestry, anthropologie, school room, blue, dining table, desk

Here’s the one solid wall with the closet on the right and the window just out of view on the left.

Things I HAD to incorporate were a large desk to accommodate 3 kids and an occasional adult, seating for adults when kids are needing assistance or just to supervise and a space for the whiteboards where we go over lessons and problems. We also needed somewhere to put all of our things like books, pencils/pens, markers, scissors, printer, etc.

Here is what I came up with!  I wanted the space to be fun, creative and imaginative, it is a place where our kids learn and I wanted their minds to be open to all things.  So my concept is Modern Alice in Wonderland meets Secret Garden with my twist.

interior design, home decor, office, schoolroom, mint, pink rug, faux greenery, antiques, velvet green sofa, acrylic chairs

I am going to do a faux greenery wall and add an antique set of doors to hide our whiteboards. We are going to diy a desk situated in front of the window and incorporate a vintage bench and 2 acrylic victorian style chairs.  Along with some custom artwork and maybe a surprise diy or 2!!

For storage we are going to add shelving to the existing closet and move all materials in there.  I want this to be an inviting and inspiring space!  NO CLUTTER!  I also have a couple of floor pillows here for our 2 youngest who like to color and sit on the floor.

And of course, what space wouldn’t be complete without a maja punch!  In this case it’s the rug and that fabulicous green velvet sofa for the adults to supervise or just enjoy. (after the greenery wall and doors of course!)

I hope you follow along as I get this project underway and see it’s transformation!!

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