It’s OK To Be Different…Own It…Embrace It

it's ok to be different, you are enough, confidence in yourself, forget the haters, embrace your uniqueness

We are always evolving.  Boy we’ve all heard that about a billion times amiright?!  While it may be true, how seriously do we really take this phrase?  I know I never really did.  It was always more like yeah right, evolving and changing yadda yadda.  But the thing I’ve learned is that it’s SO true and SO important. (I talk more about my on going journey here!)

Here’s the thing, life is so much better when we allow ourselves to grow and change and become who we always were.  Sounds simple right?  Well of course it’s not because that would be too easy so how about a few examples from yours truly?

I grew up in uber conservative-ville.  If you didn’t fit in it was a bad thing, you were made fun of or ignored.  I never in a million years would have imagined myself as I am today.  Blue hair, tattoos, nose piercing and super fun design style.  Why?  Because that was not even an option on the table.  The beauty of life is that experiences may shape and affect who you are but ultimately the power to decide who you will be is all in your own hands.

My youngest and I being goofy.  Here’s the pinkish color I talk about below.

It took me a LONG time to really figure myself out.  Funny story, this last fall I dyed my hair a more subtle pinkish/reddish color.  I thought I’ve done the blue/green for awhile, maybe I should switch up to something a little more subtle.  The minute I did it I hated it, but I thought I would give it a chance.  I stuck with it for 4 months through Christmas.  The entire time I felt off, not like myself and a bit lost.  At the time I chalked it all up to the stressors of life.  Come January I had another appointment, I decided to go back to blue.  The minute I looked in the mirror with the blue hair all short and sassy I said “hey girl, there I am”  It was like seeing a long lost friend finally found.  The whole time I thought I felt off due to the crazy of the holidays and managing things during my hubs surgical recovery (which I’m sure had an effect) but I felt SO good and myself when I saw that blue sassy ‘do.  Just because it’s unusual and certainly not normal for the vast majority of people doesn’t mean it’s not right for me.  When I’m 85 and looking back at pics I’m going to love that I had blue hair for awhile and proud of not being afraid to just go for it.

Freshly done blue, ahhh so much better.  And my schnozz with current nose bling.

I used to think tattoos were bad, as in sent the wrong message about you.  Never imagined myself getting any, certainly any you could see.  I got some paw prints on my back about 10 years ago that no one ever sees it was safe and subtle.  And you know what else I did?  Over the last 2 years I have gotten 2 more tattoos on my inner forearms that I LOVE.  They represent the most important things in my life.  And I have plans for at least one more.  People will judge regardless, give them something good to talk about.

Nose piercing,  I wanted one forevs and finally went for it and you know what?  I wish I did it 15 years ago.  It suits me and my personality and I am having some serious fun playing with studs and rings.  I mean jewelry for your nose?  How can that be a bad thing?  Especially when you have a ginormous schnozz like mine and your hubs won’t let you get a nose job. lol

family room, home decor, interior design, living room, rugsusa, chesterfield, swing chair, round coffee table

My design style.  I admittedly started out very subtle farmhouse-y (this was years ago so don’t worry!).  I didn’t know who I was so I didn’t find my style.  As my self discovery progressed I stumbled on what it is I really love and what represents me and my family and the way we live.  Fun, freedom, creativity and a love of life and nature.  All of those are easily recognized in the home I’ve created for us.  That’s who we are and that’s who you meet when you visit (either digitally or in person)

These are all personal examples of how I let my personality shine in a visual way.  I’m a visual person, hello design/decor passion, so expressing myself in this way makes a whole lot of sense for me.

I recently had some negative comments about my design choices and you know what, meh.  First I wonder why someone wastes their time complaining about what I’m doing.  Then I say move it right along folks cause it works for me.  I didn’t ask their opinion and I certainly don’t give a hoot what it is.  Enjoy it or don’t. Most of the people I know do not have home decor like I do, that’s totally cool and I say do whatever works for you.  But that definitely doesn’t stop me from totally rockin the rainbow all up in this joint.  Because color doesn’t work for someone else doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for me.  And vice versa.  The power in knowing who you are and knowing what works for you (this goes for everything from your physical appearance to your life choices to your home decor) is that it gives you the confidence to forget the naysayers, whoever they may be.  No one can take that power and confidence away from you.

it's ok to be different, thumbs up, you got this, you are enough

There will be haters, there will be judgers and there will be disapprovers.  NONE of that matters.  Is it hard to overlook or ignore?  Absolutely, especially if any of those are people close to you.  But you know what?  You need to decide that what matters the most is making yourself happy, regardless of what others have to say about it.  My ‘tude regarding said folks…….support, respect or get the hell outta the way.

Stop being so afraid of making a mistake.  There are no mistakes except the chances you didn’t take or the things you didn’t do.  (I know another ole mantra but it’s a goodie!)  Some of the things you do may not work out but that’s ok.  There’s power in following your own path, whether they turn out to be mistakes or successes.  Own it, learn from it, move on and grow.  Do your best to believe in yourself and the only one who knows what’s right for you is you.

Dude we owned these animal pj’s and I’m totally comfortable admitting out loud that I def wear these regularly.

Last week we were going through a bunch of stuff in the closet and stumbled on some pics from 10 years ago.  My hubs looked at them and said “wow you look younger now”.  I know right, collective awwwww!  But as sweet as the comment was he was just making an observation.  The funny thing is, unless wine is the new fountain of youth, I think I look younger now because I’m HAPPIER.  I’m happier with myself and feel confident and powerful in my decisions and what I’m doing.  Back then I was floating around in what I thought I should be and you could see it.  So if nothing else convinces you do it for a more youthful glow!

Be different in whatever form that may take and have the power to know that’s you and you are amazing.  I am def not saying go dye your hair blue (unless you want to!) but rock that cute outfit you were unsure of, buy that pink chair or walk that sexy walk.  If it feels right it is, regardless of whatever anyone has to say about it.

YOU ARE ENOUGH and don’t let anyone ever tell you differently.



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