It’s Not Fun Or Pretty…….It’s Closet Organizing!


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I’ve spent the last couple of weekend days cleaning out and organizing closets.  I know what you’re thinking….EWWWWWWW!  And you would be oh so right. Ugh!  BUT it was a few years overdue and 2 of them had gotten so bad you couldn’t open the door without an avalanche falling on you.  And the kids closets……. I wish you could see ma face right now!  Think that classic scary music sound, wee wee wee wee wee, but instead of a knife coming at you it’s sheets and towels and blankets and pillows.  One kid’s closet you couldn’t close the door, another was piled so high with stuff it was taller than I am and the third had toys thrown every which way that were going totally unused.

In short, we were living in a closet catastrophe for an embarrassingly long time and I got to the point I had to do something about it. Cue evil wicked grin, because if I don’t grin I will cry.  SO over the course of 2 days we/I set about dealing with this mess.

Here are some things I did to make this process as bearable as possible, because we all know how terribly awful it is.

My secret necessary weapon is music!!  I work so much better with it.  It can be a project I’m super excited about down to less awesome tasks like vaccuuming and cleaning out closets.  Either way it’s a life saver.  Turn on your fave station on Pandora, your ipod or blare the radio on your speakers.  Trust me, otherwise your brain will be going on and on about how sucky this is instead of jammin out to some rockin tunes.

Have a game plan.  It’s overwhelming to think about cleaning out 5 closets, especially when they are in such horrific condition.  Focus on one at a time and when I got through with one I gave myself a pat on the back.  Instead of doing them all at once, you can break it into one a week or one a day until finished.  Whatever works for you.  When I get focused on a task such as this I tend to dive headfirst, I’m a hurry up and get it over with kinda girl.

tips to organize your closets, closet organizing, cleaning out closets, home

When staring into the abyss of said closets, I am always thinking the classic categories.  Throw, keep, donate.  One of our closets also has some of our medicine in it.  I kid you not, there were cold medicines from 2012 in there and neosporin older than I am. (covering my eyes in horror)  I started by tossing everything not worth keeping or donating.

tips to organize your closets, closet organizing, cleaning out closets, home

Now it’s time to organize.  During the where am I going to put this and how do I make it look decent and functional phase, I sort out the donate items from the keep items. After that I took what I’m keeping and began to put it back in the closet. I moved some old towels downstairs to use for the dogs, which opened up a lot of room up here for good towels for the upstairs bathrooms.  I have an old basket I use for toilet paper and guest pillows organized on the upper shelves.  Yay!  Isn’t it beautiful?!

tips to organize your closets, closet organizing, cleaning out closets, home

The closet residing right next door has all of our kids sheets and guest sheets along with medicine.  I donated a few sheets sets, organized the remaining (fitted, loose and pillowcases together) with some loose pillowcases on the top.  The medicine closet now has only currently good medication along with bandages, etc.  You can actually SEE in here now!

The kids closets are not as pretty but you get the idea of my organization attempts.

We have some ikea cubby cabinets previously used in a play room which have been moved to our daughter’s closet.  Those cubbies now hold all of her books, dolls, etc. We donated a lot of her clothes that no longer fit, along with books she was finished reading and toys.

tips to organize your closets, closet organizing, cleaning out closets, home

Totally not polished clean, but at least they’re looking at the books right?!  Always look on the bright side when you have kids.

Our boys room has a diy homemade shelving unit that used to be a base for a twin bed (we just stacked them in here for organized storage for the boys) Those baskets hold books, toys, legos, lego manuals, etc.  Then there’s a giant tote holding ALL of their legos, is it just me or are those teeny pieces a major pain in the rear?! We donated several of the same things; too small clothes, toys, books and shoes.

tips to organize your closets, closet organizing, cleaning out closets, home

Costumes are in the bag, stuffed animals and puppets in the basket and an extra sleeping bag for sleepovers!

Our other son’s closet has been binged of toys he never played with (which have been donated!) and now it’s clean!!

I still have the hubs and my closet to go through.  But it’s already semi-organized so it shouldn’t be too bad. I also have a couple of other storage closets to cypher through but I feel pretty darn good about the progress of the closets in our house so far!

I’m now taking bets on how long these closets will look good. The kids closets are already messier than when we did this a couple of days ago.  My bet…..a week.  (cue my ugly cry)

Are you a hidden closet disaster keeper too?  Or are you super awesome and have beautifully clean organized closets?  I always love to hear from you and your tips on keeping it all together.  Lawdy knows I need all the help I can get!

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Cheers to clean and organized closets, however short lived they may be!!!  ; )




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