In Living Coral….Oh Yeah I Just Did That…

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2019 Pantone color of the year peeps!  I totally dated myself with that title right?!  How old do ya think I am? ; )

Oh yeah, color is coming at ya full force this year and I am, of course, thrilled.  The color of the year is Living Coral and it’s a gorgeous orange/pink color.


Pantone Color of the Year 2019 Living Coral & Steve

Pantone Living Coral


Eeekk!  It’s very similar to the shade I painted our kitchen stools last summer and I can’t love it more.

Here’s the full how to on the painting of these puppies!


So now that we’ve established I’m a big fan, let’s talk about ways you can incorporate it into your home!

How about a ceiling in this color?!  OMG I die, that would seriously be a knockout….bright, fun and citrusy punch. I would go fun on the walls too, maybe a patterned wallpaper that ties in or bright white to really let the coral shine with bold art.

Benjamin Moore

 Use it in a tight space to give it life..I seriously swoon.  The molding with the high sheen, the bold energetic color!

Image result for coral ceiling

I couldn’t find a source for this shot other than Pinterest, if you know it let me know so I can link appropriately!

Or you could do something much less permanent!  Like pillows, rugs, drapes, etc.  If you’re color shy this would be an awesome way to bring it in without the big commitment.

The Sylvie Pillow from Anthropologie has a softer coral background with a pinkish edging.  It also gives you a bunch of other colors that look great with coral!  It would be a perfect piece to jump off of to pick other elements.


Or how about this dramatic yet simple pillow?  Clad in black velvet with stitched appliques, pom pom fringe and the reverse side is coral….umm perfection.  The multi-colored bug pillow from World Market. Don’t be surprised if you see this bad boy in my house one day soon…and it’s on sale RIGHT NOW!!


Ooooo or this throw from Opalhouse (Target), pom pom’s are SO in right now and that delicious coral with the visible stitching….come to mama!


Keep an eye out cause you are going to see a LOT of this color in your local stores home departments!  I’m talking accessories, furniture, rugs, etc.

This is such a great color to start with too if you are newer to using color in your space.  It goes with just about anything, it’s mellow, it’s fun and it’s happy.

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What do you think?  Are you a coral fan? Not a fan?  How would you use it or have you already used it in your space?

I want to hear all about it so hit me up in the comments!

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