I Think I Can I Think I Can…

I think I can, prepping to list house for sale, changing light fixtures, making it through the to do list


We’re in the final push of the last projects to do for getting the house ready to sell, pics are scheduled for next week so that’s our deadline.  We’ve got most of our to do list done with the exception of a few things we are still working on finishing up.  I thought I would take a sec to share with you what’s kind of going on at the mental processing front.

The biggest thing…I’m bone tired.  I am a crappy sleeper anyway but the last month has been one giant hurricane of lists, random don’t forgets and emotion all swirling around at 200 mph in the ole noggin.  So when I wake up 10 zillion times a night my brain is running full throttle and I can’t get back to sleep. I am chalking this up to trying to meet a deadline and wanting to feel really good about everything being done on time.

Our kids started their spring sports seasons so that has been an additional thing on the schedule.  While it’s nice to get to their fields and walk around, by the time we get there I just wanna go to sleep. Forget coming home and finding some dinner (if you follow my insta this will make a ton of sense from the other day “I literally don’t even care” )

I think I can, prepping to list house for sale, changing light fixtures, making it through the to do list

Every day the hubs says to me “what’s on the schedule for today and who’s coming for what?” Can you tell I’m the resident GC? haha So while I may seem like I have all my shit together, truth I don’t.  I’m really just flying by the seat of my pants and living off my handy dandy phone calender and text message list (I text lists of things I think of to do to the hubs so it’s easy to access for both of us).

Good news is we’ve got one week to go until pics and then listing the following week.  Which means one week of chaos left.  Today we are getting a new window well installed, the next day new carpet.  Somewhere in there I have more touching up to do, craigslist stuff to sell, hockey and soccer practice with the first soccer game and maybe squeeze time in to finally paint my nails (guys they are scary short and all busted up, it’s just sad).

But the light is at the end of the tunnel.  Then it’ll just be a sit back and wait for a buyer and all I will have to do is keep the house clean.  (which I’m nervous about no lie, my kids are messy)

I think I can, prepping to list house for sale, changing light fixtures, making it through the to do list, kitchen light fixture, sputnik light

New kitchen light fixture!

On a side note it’s starting to feel not so much our house now.  We swapped out the light fixture in the kitchen for one of a very similar style but a bit toned down and smaller, the chandy in the dining room is safely packed and stored to come with me to DC as is the entry chandy (see more on the changing of the entry chandy here) and the big ball chandy in the family room is down too.

Our house is still loaded with fun decor and personality but making some of these changes is starting to make it less us which is good I think.  It makes it easier to imagine leaving.  I mentioned in my last post how I get unnaturally (our big joke around here) attached to things.  That might sound weird and superficial but a house isn’t a home until it’s got some of you in it.  And I spend a lot of time finding just the right things to bring in for that feeling so letting them go is sometimes tough.  I am selling some of the light fixtures and keeping some so at least it’s 50/50.

I think I can, prepping to list house for sale, changing light fixtures, making it through the to do list, entryway, high ceilings, beam

Swapped out entry light (had this one stored from before)

I want to get to our new house and have things that make me feel at home right away.  I’m def not one of those awesome free spirited souls who can sell everything and move somewhere new with nothing.  I need to have things around me that I love (other than my fam of course) and I think it will make the move a bit easier for our kids too to have things around them they are familiar with.

Anyway, there you have it!  The last stretch to listing and then we pray it all works out somehow.  At least then I won’t have any more to do lists (at least until we have to organize a move cross country….yikes) and can maybe get some decent zzzz’s!

What do you think?  Have you had big to do lists so everything was absolutely perfect when listing your house for sale? Any tips on getting through all this sanity intact and aging less than 10 years in 2 months?  I’d love to hear from ya!

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