I Have a Love/Hate Relationship With Craig….From the List Clan

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I know most of you will relate to me with this if you’re a CL user!  I seriously love and at times hate Craigslist.  Lately has been more of the hate variety.  But how about we start this off on a positive note?  Let’s chat first about why we lurve Craigslist.

  1. Free to list items and no fees for anything!  Ebay is getting ridiculous with 10% final value fees plus listing fees (sometimes depending on the promo and they include your shipping fee, if buyer pays shipping, into the fees charged you!) AND you always have an automatic deduction of roughly 5% from Paypal when someone pays you.  So if you are offering free shipping you are out an automatic 15% plus the shipping cost (which can get high real quick).  That really eats into how much you can get out of an item .  Here’s where Craigslist is awesome-sauce. No fees ever for anything!!  Doesn’t get any better than that!  List as much as you want as often as you want, edit, change and delete anytime all for free.  Best selling tool eva!
  2. It’s local!  So no shipping costs to contend with and you meet directly with local folks who are looking to purchase your wares. Or you purchasing theirs.
  3. You can get rid of things quickly.  Because it’s local and there is no shipping, when someone comes to check out whatever you’re selling they take it with them….done and done. Cash in hand, item is out of your hair! The same as a buyer you get instant gratification, perfect dresser right there and loaded in your car no muss no fuss.
  4. As a buyer you can find some super cool pieces for less than you would at a flea market or antique shop and sometimes brand new! Definitely a go to for me when I’m looking for something specific, I watch Craigslist!
  5. Craigslist gives you the added benefit of listing what you want to sell when you want to sell it.  In other words a garage sale is everything at once and for bare bottom dollar. Craigslist let’s you sell for more than it would go for at a garage sale and gives you the chance to sell it when you are ready too instead of stockpiling everything for a one weekend event.

home decor, interior design, love hate relationship with craigslist, craigslist frustrations, tips to sell and buy on craigslist

Our garage as of last night.  Lots of this is stuff I have listed on CL right now and some of it is patio furniture we haven’t brought out yet.  This is the cleanest this garage has been in YEARS.  Woohoo!  It only took a full day

So now that we’ve listed out the reasons we lurve Craig from the List clan let’s talk about why we hate him too… (vent sesh ahead be prepared and in my defense, all of these things happen on the regular argh!)

  1.  The scammers with the paypal, cashiers checks, I’ll mail ya and have movers pick it up folks that just won’t quit.  Dude if I wanted to go that route I wouldn’t be puttin it on Craigslist.  Take your scam elsewhere.  I’m a local pickup cash only kinda gal and you should be too.  It’s the safest quickest kind of transaction, nobody can argue cash and carry.
  2. The “hey I’m interested and want to come at 2” folks who call, text or email wanting your item and then don’t show or let you know they won’t show.  As you reschedule your stuff to accommodate them only to have them skip out.  SO NOT COOL.  If I am making an appointment to look at an item on CL, I will show and if something comes up (which happens) just HAVE THE DECENCY TO LET THE SELLER KNOW. This is just basic common courtesy but seems to be so lacking these days.  I had a nice double stroller that I had on CL and had 7, yes 7 different people make appointments and none of them showed, notta one, over the course of a couple of weeks.  The lack of respect for another’s time nowadays is mind boggling.
  3. Emailing instead of calling or texting as is specified in the ad for best communication.  Look I get notices on my phone when I get an email so it’s ok for the most part but seriously if it says call or text that’s the best way to get me so call or text.  Read the directions!!
  4. And while we’re at it READ THE DESCRIPTION.  I always list sizes, colors, condition and include lots of pics to show any/everything.  Don’t waste my time or yours with “I didn’t know how big it was, it’s too small” or  “I need to measure my space before I buy it, it’s bigger than I thought”  You shoulda done that before you came to my house, double argh!  It was all listed in the ad you replied to, so read the description and figure out your space ahead of time.
  5. The “I want it, will you hold it for me until xxx” I do this on a case by case basis and at least 75% of the time I get burned.  The most recent was a console I was selling and all of a sudden I had 4 people wanting it at once.  One was someone who would wait 24 hours before getting back to me, that’s an eternity in CL time.  I sold it to a couple of ladies who offered me more than asking and to pick it up now versus waiting on 24 hour lady.  I lose more opportunities to sell my stuff by giving the benefit of the doubt, so I thought well who knows if I’ll hear from her so I sold it to them.  24 hour lady sent me a nasty email after I let her know I sold it.  (she also wanted me to deliver it to her across town and take a discount) Um no, you should have gotten back to me sooner via TEXT OR CALL!

Can you tell I’m frustrated?!  It’s a fine line walking in hand with Craig from the List clan.  Sometimes it’s a lovely walk in the park and we have a picnic while the sun is shining and I smell flowers, others it’s why do you drag me into this friday the 13th nightmare?!

home decor, interior design, love hate relationship with craigslist, craigslist frustrations, tips to sell and buy on craigslist

A coffee table I have had for sale on CL

I think it would be much improved if the vast majority just practiced that common courtesy I talked about earlier.  If you want something and negotiate the price in advance, you better show your as* up when you say you will.  If you can’t make said appt send the seller a text or phone call and let them know you won’t make it.  Don’t waste my time or yours and be respectful as I am of your time. I’m ready and waiting for an appointment 15 min in advance with item ready to show you.  I have even delivered items to be helpful to buyers.  No problem just ask and be polite about it.

Craigslist is an awesome resource but BE CAREFUL! (never go somewhere alone to buy either!) I always have my teen son (who’s 6ft) home with me when someone comes if the hubs isn’t here and I have one of our giant dogs with me at the door.  They try to get out to say hi to whoever is visiting but buyers don’t know that. My “stay Bogey….I’m so sorry he’s very protective”  Or “Tulip, come here it’s ok they aren’t going to come in..” while I pretend to hold them back like it’s almost impossible as the dogs are trying desperately to get at them to say hi and get pets.  Who says they need to know that both of these dogs have never hurt a fly and are the biggest snuggliest squishy beings on the planet?!  Unless you die from being allergic to drool you’re ok.  But they look scary (to peeps unfamiliar with big pups) and I just help that along with some off the cuff comment to keep them from even THINKING about coming in my house and murdering me. (I would like to think my pups would protect me/us if such a situation came up but I’d rather not find out)

Tip: ALWAYS move your pieces you are selling into your garage!!!  When people come to see them it’s a lot easier and safer to have them meet you around at the garage door than to let them in your house.  I have a paranoia about strangers in here.  Which is kind of funny when you think about it.. I am all over instagram and the blog.  (we have a security system which makes me feel better )

home decor, interior design, love hate relationship with craigslist, craigslist frustrations, tips to sell and buy on craigslist

An antique cabinet I put up for sale on CL

So there you have it!  I’m in the throws of the love/hate with ole Craig right now.  I have several things listed at really good discount prices and chirp chirp nadda.  I keep dropping prices and chirp chirp (I think the cold and snow has something to do with it).  It’s a game of wills and patience.  It will all sell eventually just hanging in there until it does is the hard part sometimes. And I keep adding to my sell pile, lordy help me!

What are your thoughts on Craigslist?  Any tips to help me sell my stuff?  I heard about Facebook Marketplace recently…any experience with that?

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