How Was Mom’s Time Out??

I’m super focused on finishing up the ORC space, (which is really coming together!!) so I’m stopping in to give ya a quick update to my Mom’s Taking a Time Out post.

How did it go?  Weeeeellllllll, I am going to be brutally honest here.  It was bloody fabulous! I even took more than one day I took a few.  Although I should clarify I still fed everyone and did the usual basic cares, I just did my best to divert more of my attention to my family and myself than I did everything going on.  Took the time to do things I/we wanted to.  Less looking at my phone and more looking at my kids. We spent time outside, watching movies, cracking jokes and it was fantastic.  All of these are things we do normally, I just directed my attention wholeheartedly into those activities versus splitting my brain power 50 ways.

I did a hardcore workout (something other than the lame-o treadmill) which felt great except I haven’t been able to move without screeching muscles, tweaked my back moving furniture and dropped a serious ceramic bowl on my foot which is now bruised and swollen.  BUT, I’ll take ALL that over the mental clutter I was immersed in.


I feel so rejuvenated and I didn’t even do anything!  I just gave myself the ok to check out of all the things swirling around my brain and be present in the moment.

I loved it, I needed it and I would/will do it again when I need to.  It reminded me to breathe and to not go go go and do do do but just BE.  Both of my kids sports have now come to an end this last weekend and I’m finishing up this challenge (only 3 more weeks to go!!).  Which means soon it’ll be time to gear up for the holidays!

So, just remember to TAKE THAT TIME OUT!! Whatever you are working on, worrying about or draining yourself over will be there tomorrow so give yourself a day or 2.  I feel like a different person….clear headed and ready to rule the world!


Have you taken a time out recently or do you really really want to?  I’d love to hear from you whether it’s your experiences in a mom time out or how much you want to take one!

And if you have questions about this or thoughts on something you would like to see me share shoot me an email!

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Have a Fabulous Time Out Kinda Day!




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