How to Layer A Room! My Formula to Create The Perfect Space.

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I shared the after of my impromptu makeover of the master bedroom (here) and I wanted to share my formula for layering pieces in a space!  Layering creates not only a unique room but it gives dimension and creates interest.

I obvs LOVE layering things like materials, colors, patterns and even paint.  I know that sounds a lil bonkers but the paint treatment (in the bedroom) is really just a layering of different materials to create a visually interesting textural effect!

You know how we say “wear lots of layers.” Well I think of a room just like an outfit.  You’ve got your base layer of necessities…aka undies, bra, socks, long johns (anybody?! if you live in a really cold winter area) etc. This would be your pieces you NEED in your space.  So using a bedroom as an example, this would be your bed and side tables. Then you have some basic pieces that create an overall look like your jeans, sweater, boots….that would be your rug, light fixture, vanity, side chairs, etc.  Then you have your accessories like your earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.  This would be your pillows, decorative pieces on your side tables, throws, art…all of the extras that bring the pizzazz!

Layer your room like you would your outfit.  (Some examples, I learn better by example so I always love to share lots of those)

After we did the paint treatment in here the only things I brought back in were the bed and the side tables.  These were absolutes and a base I was going to build on.

I should have taken “in progress” shots for you guys! Anyway you see the bed and side table there (same on the opposite side)

Once those were in I knew I wanted to try the antique doors behind the tables.  I wanted a bold statement, something more than just the bed in front of the window.  BAM Bahama Mama they did just that.

Here’s a nice framing shot!

After those were in and I decided to keep them…I started thinking about the corners and seating.  In came the pink chairs.

I brought these in to each corner, hello pop!

After chairs it was rugs.  I had this mustard rug in the basement and a faux sheepskin I had stashed too. Another element that was beginning to highlight some color. (see how I’m going layer by layer…)

I seriously need a bedskirt.  Am I the only one that can’t stop staring at that spot?!  haha

Layering gives you so much creative opportunity.  Have fun with it!  I hung these metallic pieces over the textured paint treatment when I could have easily left it alone.  I decided to place them here because it brings in that whimsy and they give an added “nature” feel.

Notice the kantha quilt draped over the chair, the faux fur throw on the seat, the plants.  All layers to create drama and interest.

How about a living/family room?

My base piece is the sofa and the wall. 2 big elements that I can’t change on a whim.

Them come the rugs, chairs, lamps, and finally plants, pillows and throws.  Same outfit idea as above!

This approach has the added benefit of feeling less overwhelming, just take it step by step.

The idea is to build layer by layer or piece by piece, until you have a beautiful finished product you love.  And this doesn’t happen overnight so please don’t pressure yourself!  I have several of these pieces I have accrued over time, like a whole stash of pillows and pieces I move all over from their original intended space. It’s all about having fun with it.

This whole room/office was built around the mural.  That piece I already had up and was NOT about to take down, so the rest of the elements needed to make sense with it.

I thought about framing the mural first, then the ceiling element and the furniture (in that order). After the must have furniture pieces (desk, seating, storage, rug too) I thought about all of the extras.  Those were the last piece of the puzzle;  like the hand chair, plants, drapes, and stools. (see this whole space here!)

 Just build yourself a badass outfit…that’s how you do it.  Ok I said that out loud in a ridiculously bad Sylvester Stallone accent. Thank goodness no one was around to hear me. haha (ok maybe not, my hubs just said “maybe you invented a different Rocky.” —sticking my tongue out while arguing it DEF sounded like Rocky)

How do you put a room together?  Do you go by the “build an outfit” mantra or do you have another secret?  What are your thoughts on this, will it make it easier for you?

I always love to hear from ya so hit me up in the comments below or shoot me an email!

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