How I Got Into Interiors and Finding My Style

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I’m on a kick of answering questions lately and given that I’m currently sitting in the middle of a blizzard, I’m feeling reminiscent. So I’m going to share some more about lil ole me and how I got into interior styling.  Not only that but I’m going to go a step further and talk about my style evolution.  Oh yeah, it’s gonna be a good one. (winky wink)

I wasn’t big into design as a kid.  I know shocking right?!  It seems that so many you hear about have been messing with their bedroom furniture or paint since they were wee ones.  Not this gal, I grew up in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere and I never really felt like I fit in.

So surviving high school was more at the forefront of my mind.  And then I got to college, in a town where they actually had a grocery store!  It was a whole new world, when a few months in I met a guy.  I was still not into interiors yet mind you.  I was too busy living this new amazing life!  I meet said guy and a mere 4 months later we’re engaged and 6 months after that….married.  I’ll do the math or ya, I was just barely 19 and he was 20.  (We’re still married with 4 kids BTW going on 18 years this year woohoo!)

Me and ma man

 Our first apartment was a college housing townhouse.  It sounds much nicer than it was.  Cinder block walls, no shit.  It was prison with windows. I started really understanding the impact your environment had on your mindset.  It was cold, depressing, sad and ugly. 2 years later I tried to make styrofoam panels wrapped with fabric attached to the cinder block wall with sticky tape for our soon to be son’s nursery.  I was desperate. But at least it felt a bit more cheery.

We finally moved to an apartment with DRYWALL.  It was a revelation in opportunity!  Although I still had to live with the off white color on the walls I could actually hang stuff on them.  And I really discovered thrifting/flea markets.  All of our furniture was from hand me downs (aka free church donations, thank you people!) and I wanted to get some new little pieces for the new place.  I still remember my first purchase, a $40 table with shelving made of recycled materials.  It was SO much money.

I had to be smart financially because decor was NOT a priority.  We were both working, in school, with a baby.  But I made it work with a few small dolla amount pieces here and there.

My crew

 Fast forward and we moved to Colorado in a Uhaul with our paltry belongings for my husband to start his career.  With a 2 1/2 year old and me 9 months pregnant ready to give birth on the side of the road.  I highly recommend NOT doing that.

A year later we bought our first house, this was 6 years into our marriage.  It was a HUGE deal. I got to PAINT ROOMS!!  Finally it was a chance to do what I wanted.  Except I had no idea what I wanted haha.  I had spent so much time restricted by rentals I didn’t know what my style was.

I started by hitting up all the local flea markets (which I still visit weekly today) and went full on farmhouse.  Hey, it was what I saw was popular.  Until I figured out I needed more color.  After that I dabbled in some awful paint colors in the kids rooms (when you are just figuring it out you are totally allowed a pass).  Then I went and got bold colored drapes and the rest is history.

All of my babes

 We got lucky with this house during the recession.  I had penny pinched and watched the market and found this amazing home, a foreclosure.  It was perfect for our growing family.  (By this time we had 3 kids)  And the whole thing was builder beige…a blank canvas.  We got a great deal, spoiler it’s the house you see today all over the blog and IG!

I have made some mistakes along the way with questionable color choices and “not my style” aesthetics but it all led me to figuring out not only my style but WHO I am.  What makes me/us thrive?  What makes us happy?  What do we value?

Every decision, every experience, every relationship has led me to figuring out who I am….who WE are.  And that is what you see. I am obsessed with DIY and thrifting because I hate spending money I don’t have to and I will find a cheaper way to do it. That hails back from our 6 years of being so broke it was questionable we had to file taxes. haha

Color makes me happy, maybe because I spent so many years with my hands tied into white walls with rentals.  I value craftsmanship and the stories of pieces because things worth having are things someone spent time to create or enjoy before me.

Everything in your life shapes you in some way and even though there are things from growing up an outsider to being broke to the challenges we’ve faced along the way, I am grateful for it all.  It makes me me.  It makes my style the way you see it; happy, bright, fearless.  Because after all that….it’s exactly how I feel.

What is your story?  Or your style?  I always love to hear from you so hit me up in the comments or shoot me an email!

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