Expecting Company? Me too! The Big Purge and Guest Bedroom Refresher

So this weekend we super cleaned/purged our kids rooms.  For all you mom’s out there you know it’s not a fun task and I have to admit it’s one that I put off until it’s so bad I just can’t take it anymore.  We’re talking full on clean, as in under the beds (which contained a shocking amount of garbage, toys, clothes and dishware) and the closets.  Oh closets, aren’t they supposed to be helpful storage?  To keep things organized and give you somewhere to put your stuff?  Well, our kids never got that memo because our daughter’s closet was waist high with a lord knows what mix of everything and our boys closet was a mishmash of “oh mom told us to clean our rooms so we’ll throw it all in here and shut the door” for the last 6 months.  It took us 3 hours between my hubby, myself and all of the kids cleaning to sort through it all and put everything where it ACTUALLY goes.  We were left with 3 full bags of garbage, and an entire cargo van area full of donation toys, (it should be noted this doesn’t include the basement cleanout, which in itself was another 3 bags of garbage and a giant box of donation plus larger toys).  Oh and 3 sparkling clean and organized bedrooms.  I don’t expect this to last long so I’m basking in the gloriousness of them while they’re beautiful, aka clean.  So now I’m going to share with you our daughter’s bedroom which also serves as our guest bedroom.  It’s actually what spurred this whole enterprise in the first place.


I had seen this beautiful handcarved screen at World Market and instantly thought about hanging it on the wall behind her bed.  She has the erin cute as a button bed frame which we picked up at 50% off during a big sale last year (also from World Market).  It’s a shorter headboard but has the adorable floral buttons in the headboard tufting that give it the right amount of whimsy suitable to be used in a girls bedroom.  Hanging above that I had a floral and tulle canopy that draped around the headboard that I had made 5 years ago.  It’s incredibly cute and gardeny feeling but just seemed to be feeling too “young” for her now.  The other consideration I took into account is that her bedroom also doubles as our guest bedroom.  So it felt appropriate that the time was right to update the room and make it a little more sophisticated for a 10 year old girl (and guests).  So I decided to buy the screen, only problem is it was $200 plus tax.  That’s a bit steep, I know World Market has sales regularly so waiting seemed to be a good option.  My patience paid off when I stopped in the other day just to browse (I had earned a $10 shopper reward and had a $10 off $30 and a 15% off coupon).  I stumbled upon the screen and not only that but it was marked down on managers special to $79.99, it was pretty warped so it didn’t stand straight hence the discount.  I didn’t care, I was going to hang it up!  So I snapped it up and headed to the checkout, I used my shopper reward and the 15% off coupon (better deal as I bought a couple of little things too) and ended up paying only $60!!  Totally worth it!

This morning we went to hang it up and discovered the disaster that is her room and embarked on operation clean up.  Once that was accomplished (which felt like a marathon) we got it hung up on the studs, as it’s really heavy, moved the bed back in front of it and voila!  Instant gratification!  It was perfect there and for the price it couldn’t be beat.  It functions more like artwork than a screen.  I love that it’s handcarved so each one is a little different, anything unique gets an A+ from me.


You may recognize the duvet cover at the foot of her bed, it’s the same duvet I had sitting at the foot of our bed in the master bedroom reveal.  I picked up a different duvet for our room (in a king size) and knew this would be perfect in her space with her rivulets quilt from Anthropologie.  (I also picked this up on clearance a year or so ago for around 50% off)


Here are a couple of shots of her antique dresser/nightstand set that I picked up at an antique shop for $150 .  It was in really rough shape and needed refinishing but I opted to spray paint it a fun pink to make it less formal but maintain the elegance of the style.  It’s a bit dinged up now but I think that just adds to the character, if it gets too rough I can always touch it up!

The lamps have lampshades that I customized by adding a pink satin ribbon detail with hot glue!  This little embellishment gives them a more fun and custom look!


This adorable painting of a little ballerina is an original piece I found at another local antique shop for $30.  It reminded of my daughter, who at the time was also in dance.  A sentimental piece for me for sure.  I LOVE original art, nothing beats one of a kind art!


She also has a bunny cage and giant American girl size dollhouse in here but it was still messy so, sorry no pics of that!  Overall I love how her room has the perfect balance of vintage, fun, elegant but not stuffy and inviting.  As long it stays looking like this!



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