DIY How To Paint Kitchen Counter Stools. Let’s Coral It Up!

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Our kitchen…I love it.  I painstakingly designed every inch of it.  But when it came to the simple things like drapes and stools I just picked up whatever was on sale and worked cohesively.

I guess you could say I dropped the design ball on those last couple of elements.  BUT I have recently remedied those mistakes!  I started with the new fun drapes I shared here.  That wasn’t enough, I needed to do something about those stools.  Not because I didn’t love the style but because they were SO dark and added nothing fun to the space and the seats and backs were in rough shape.  They have been scraped, dinged, dented and dropped and the finish was looking nothing less than drabby.  The hubs was very instrumental in asking me to find something else.  (He NEVER complains about anything let alone ask me to replace something, folks this was a big first and I knew the gravity of such a request)

So I began a search for some new stools…..but the bad news is they can be quite expensive.  The cheapest I could find that I liked were easily $100+ per stool!  And I need 6, which means I was not interested in paying $600+ for stools not to mention shipping and tax.  Fo’get about it!

Thus I came up with an idea to DIY our current stools (which are very cool style-wise and surprisingly comfy to sit in and I already owned them so FREE) which meant I totally gave this a go.

Here’s what I used:

4 1/2 cans of Rustoleum spray paint in Coral.  I opted for spray paint for a few reasons.  One it’s meant to go on darn near anything.  Two it’s cheap and easy to use, far less mess and clean up.  And 3 it comes in a gloss finish which I figured would make it easier to clean than any other finish.

Liquid Sander.  It’s a glue consistency product that is said to remove the sheen of a finish and allow good adhesion for a paint product.  We read good reviews online and thought we would try it with this project and see how it worked.

That’s it!  The 5 cans of Rustoleum were $3.97 each and the liquid sander was $6.98 for the size bottle I purchased. Which makes this total project roughly $27!  That’s a substantial difference than $600+!

The process of removing the seats and backs was the most time consuming (but only a few minutes worth).

We just removed the nuts with a drill and popped off the washer and pulled out the screw for the seats.

The backs consisted of 2 nuts with washers and screws so we used a wrench in this tight spot.

Here’s the naked frame!

We laid out all of the seats here, notice the massive scratches and horrible condition of the finish?  The seat backs were right next to this on a big cardboard piece.

We thoroughly rubbed down each seat and back (front, back and sides) with the liquid sander a couple of times to make sure we got a good coating on it.  After waiting until dry (as per instructions) we began to paint!

You can see the beautiful coral color and the glossy finish from the spray paint!

After waiting all afternoon to make sure they got a chance to cure and dry we re-installed them back in the frames just as we removed them.  Annnndddd…….

How pretty and how bright!  They perfectly coordinate with the pink and orange sunset drapes while nodding at the copper on the stove.  And it perfectly adds a cohesive edge to that beautiful Kathryn Silvera Art print that I custom framed using Frame It Easy (see this post for more on frame it easy or hit the link in the sidebar to shop!) with a bright pink metal frame so it isn’t flammable and the acrylic is far enough from the burners we shouldn’t have any melting issues hahaha. You can always use a suction cup hanger on your backsplash tile to hang a piece like this!

What do you think?  A big improvement right?  Not too pink and not too orange but a beautiful blend of both that brightens up our kitchen, which is hands down the busiest space in our house. I will let you know how the finish keeps and whether or not the liquid sander really made the paint adhere to withstand the craziness of 6 peeps and kids friends abusing them.  And how exactly the gloss spray paint cleans up.

Have you ever painted or diy’d your kitchen seating?  I’d love to hear your experiences and what your thoughts are!  So far I’m loving the look just crossing all fingers and toes for handling my kids. lol

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