Demo Day!! Kitchen Series Post #3

We left off in the last post how I sourced all my materials, saved a ton of money doing it and chose my materials.  Today we’re going to talk about the really fun part, demo day!!

Hubby and I had never demo’d anything before so we were a bit nervous doing it on our own.  My parents had recently redone their own kitchen so my dad’s help was invaluable when he offered to come down and help us out.

In preparation for the big day we spent a few days beforehand cleaning everything out of the cabinets and setting up a makeshift kitchen in the dining room. While we were doing this I couldn’t help but think “what were we going to do with our old kitchen?”  It was still in great shape.  We had nice cabinets and granite, a huge shame to just throw it all out.  (I HATE waste)  So I decided to list it on craigslist.  I took a bunch of pics and listed it as a whole and individually (cabinets, granite, appliances, etc)  Within 24 hours I had a call and a couple came out to see it before we took it all down.  We sold the entire kitchen including the kitchen sink! We took a deposit of $2500 and agreed to come to another number if we broke any of the granite slab pieces upon removal, so it was imperative we get it all in one piece if we could.

Demo day arrives and we started by removing all of the cabinet doors and numbering each door with each cabinet along the way. This allows you to easily match everything back together.  Then took out each cabinet and lined everything up in the garage.  When we got to the base cabinets we used a sawsall to gently cut the silicone beneath the granite and the cabinets.  My dad, hubby and myself all grabbed hold and gently pulled the granite up and free of the cabinets.  We placed the granite pieces on floor dollies and secured them using ratchet straps.  We rolled the dollies out and down a ramp (again exercising extreme caution!) and propped them up next to the cabinets.  The island piece was the most difficult. It was one solid slab that measured 3×9 with a sink hole cutout.  We had a rough go of it trying to free it, eventually we got there and almost died getting it off the cabinets and onto the dolly! (Seriously, almost died!!) In the end we freed all of the granite INTACT, so it CAN be done!!  (We had a few experienced people tell us that the island wouldn’t be possible to get out in one piece.) The couple came and picked up the kitchen the next day, appliances, cabinets, doors, granite and sink!  They were stoked and we were stoked.  On top of saving $500+ in demo fees we also made $5000 selling our old kitchen AND it was going to good use!!

My favorite part was when I got to attack the backsplash, which I had hated FOREVER!! Turned out it was so stuck on there that we ended up taking chunks of the wall with it.  A little more to fix later, but SO satisfying!

Once we got the whole kitchen out we took a couple of shingle rakes and started popping up the bamboo.  It went really fast for how much needed to come out.  It took my dad, hubby and son 2 hours to get all roughly 1200 sq ft of it.  They actually had a lot of fun with it, my son was rockin and rollin and wouldn’t let me help!  So I got the terribly unfun job of hauling it to the dumpster.


Next up was cutting open the wall where the bar was to go.  Remember it was one solid wall before (cabinets and granite went along with kitchen) We had a construction guy come and help us with that, he was really awesome and showed  us what to do and explained step by step how to do it.  He even let us swing the sledge in the wall to help take it down.

The same awesome guy helped us change out the huge almost 7ft high windows in the bay window with smaller windows to allow for the base cabinets, dishwasher and sink to go.  He was really awesome in educating us and letting us assist, super cool dude.

Then it was all about putting her back together!  The last post in the series I’ll be sharing installing the individual pieces and the final product!!  Doesn’t it look tiny in this picture?!  Just wait until you see how it looks now!


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