Confidence in Design…

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Confidence….let’s talk about this for a hot sec.  I got to thinking about it the other day, not only in life but really in design.  It may come as a surprise to you, or maybe not, but I DEFINITELY question myself. (Or if you feel like you don’t fit in you should definitely read my post about this here)

This last Saturday I woke up with a wild hair and on a whim decided to do a paint treatment in the master bedroom.  Now mind you I had been debating doing something different on these walls for about a year or so now, but I could never make up my mind.  Soooo it stayed as it was.  Well not this last weekend!

I woke up, made up my mind, and set about the day getting ready to undertake said project.  And then I did what I always do…..What if I hate it?  What if it’s too dark?  What if it turns out too…. I always end up questioning some part of a design at some point (usually before a big project) and have a freak out moment.  But the biggest thing is, I still go through with it.

A before of our bedroom!

 I do that because I trust my gut….and I always tell myself that if I hate it I can always change it.  Or if I hate it, I will learn something about why I hated it and take that knowledge forward.  And you know what, I have never hated it. (except for that one time….hello almost neon blue wall color my hubs still won’t let me live down)

And that’s the biggest thing I want you all to take away from this, if you want to take a risk and paint that wall black, or put up the wallpaper you REALLY love but are afraid it will be too busy or too dark or too light or or or… should just go for it!

With the biggest risk comes the biggest reward and I’ve found that this applies to home design as much as it does regular life.  If you never go for it you will never know the immense feeling of awesome-ness that comes from just busting it out and LOVING the results.  And worst case, you don’t love it….now you can take that lesson and move forward for the next time! (I learned a valuable lesson on the importance of paint samples and being very careful with the shades of blue)

This might be a hint of what’s to come!!

  I went for it…and I LOVE it.  It took a whole day to do this particular bedroom project but it was so worth it.  I am putting together a full post of the reveal for you all coming up next so definitely stay tuned!  I share not only the how too on the paint treatments but how I changed the look and feel with some really inexpensive and easy updates.

What was the last thing you did that required some confidence?  Or is this something you really want to work on? I always love to hear from you so hit me up with your thoughts in the comments!

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