Company Coming? DIY Artwork and Holiday Decorating Ideas!

With the holiday season in full swing we’re all focused on Christmas shopping, decorating and prepping for guests for Christmas.  In the spirit of freshening up our homes for the big event, here are 2 easy and cheap DIY artwork ideas I put together in a throwback post I wrote for Autumn Leopold (formerly Smart Happy Organized).


2 Fabulous Inexpensive DIY Art Ideas For Your Home

An easy twist on those if you want something more festive and Christmas-y you can substitute some of your kids artwork they are making in school (you know, those cute hand turkeys, or glitter mobbed christmas trees) for the larger pieces or take some old random Christmas cards with a pretty picture on the front and put those in the smaller frames for an instant and free update!  After the holidays you can re-use the frames for more year round items.

A few other easy ideas:  use the boughs from the bottom of your Christmas tree (free) and  arrange them on your dining room table, add some pretty votive candles or small vases of flowers throughout and voila you have a beautiful table centerpiece on the cheap!  I do this every year!!  Or pick out some really cute large ornaments (Hobby Lobby is a good place to look for these), cut off the loop and place them in a bowl for a festive and cheap table decoration.

Christmas is my favorite holiday but I don’t do  much decorating for it.  Why?  Because I’m lazy and cheap!  I feel like that’s a bad thing to confess but it’s so much work to put up and take down.  And so expensive! I went shopping yesterday for some stuff to add to my minimal decorations and couldn’t believe how much it all cost.  So I headed to Hobby Lobby and picked out pieces to make my own garland.  Since all Christmas decorations at Hobby Lobby are 50% off (it makes some craft items more cost effective, alot of others same prices as other retailers) I picked up stuff to make the garland.  It came out around $37.00 for everything I used which was a little more than the cheapest at $30 that I liked at Home Goods but cheaper than most of the upwards of $50 garlands I loved.  And no one else has one like it!




All the pieces I used to put together our garland, I started by placing everything how I wanted it first and then hot glued them all in.


I’m a big believer that pretty decorations and artwork doesn’t have to be expensive!



Have fun!  I would love to hear about what you all do for holiday decorating or if you have any other fun and creative DIY tips!

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Happy Holiday Season!

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