Color Love!! And 3 Easy Tips to Use It In Your Space!

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Wooo am I excited about this one.  Color love, obvs my absolute fave thing EVER!  A few of you have been asking for some more info, like why I love it so much, how I put together rooms with lots of it without it all looking like a hot mess and where I get my inspo.

You ask, I answer kinda like Jeannie in I dream of Jeannie.  I’m sittin here arms crossed with a blink-y head nod sitch.  Anyway now that I can’t stop thinking about that.

I LOVE COLOR big ‘le sigh, why do I love it so much?  Because it makes me FEEL.  It makes me feel happy, energized, comforted, encouraged and a whole other plethora depending on what colors we’re talking about.  Color is a very powerful tool in the arsenal and for me, the most important one.  I’ll let you in on a lil secret, the feelings I evoke with my use of colors is entirely swirling in my brain.  As in that’s what is happenin in the noggin and how I see the world. It’s a whole psychological thing that’s a bit above me.


The inspo for the room in the background is the mural. I drew everything off of that! (see the full space here)

  Where do I get my inspiration?  Nature is the biggest one.  If I could live in a big ole house in the woods with the sound of the breeze through the trees, fields of wildflowers and birds chirping.  I would!  Since I don’t, I seek to bring in my love of all things Mother Nature (she is one smart mama) into the house.  Think trees, all kinds of flowers and of course plants, etc. Then there’s beautiful things like geodes, rock formations and all things sculptural (we do live *almost in the mountains) which inspires me with it’s shapes, forms and varying shades and sparkle.

I mean have you ever seen an ugly rainbow?  Yeah me neither.  Colors are a means of expression and enjoyment.  A way to express yourself or create an environment in which you want to be. Whether that’s calming or energizing, dark or bright, color is an element to be enjoyed by the senses. I’m a (usually) very happy and positive person and I want my spaces to reflect that same feeling.

I don’t think you can go wrong with Mother Nature as your inspo folks.   She always points in the right direction and she never provides a shortage of beauty.

The suzani here has all of the colors! (see more of this space here)

How do I put it all together and not look like a hot mess?  I follow a couple of simple points I have figured out along the way.

1. I always have some sort of cohesive element.  Something in the room, be it a big item like a rug or a small item like a pillow, it has a pattern that pulls it all together.  As long as you pay attention to making sure you have that element, you’re all good babe.

2. Balance.  I always try to have some solids in there somewhere to break up all the colors.  But those solids can also be a color.  Like the sofa in the family room, it’s powder blue but it works as a neutral paired against the rest of the colors going on.  A place to rest the eye.

3. Complimentary colors.  You can totally google a color wheel and get a quick visual on what colors naturally pair well with each other.  It’s a really easy foolproof way of making sure what you are thinking of doing will work!


The ceiling mural looks like a geode mixed with the earth….the inspiration for the color palette in this room.  (see more of this room here)

 The biggest thing of all is I really have fun with it.  I enjoy color so much I just go hog wild.  I want it in my life, on my bod and in my home.  So it’s a natural pairing for me!   You don’t have to go all cra cra if it’s not your thing though.  You can add it in small ways with a throw or some pillows.  See how it feels for you and what colors you love to use.

I can’t advocate for the positive aspects of color enough, it just feels good.  I thoroughly enjoy the way it makes me feel, the way my eyes dance across it and the happiness it brings.

How do you feel about color?  Do you like to use lots of it?  Do you have any tips you want to share?  Questions for me about color?

I always love to hear from you so hit me up in the comments or shoot me a message!

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