Christmas House Tour!

Christmas decor is abundant and today I’m sharing mine with a little tour of our main living areas that I jazzed up for Christmas!  So I mentioned in an earlier post that I’m not a huge holiday decorator.  We’ve always done the tree, outdoor lights, stockings and a wreath on the door but not a whole lot more.   Over the last few years I have added a few things like a couple of nutcrackers, a Christmas Cookie jar and another wreath.  Well, this year I really wanted to get into the holiday spirit which led to my shopping excursion.  I went to 3 different stores and couldn’t believe how high the price tag is for Christmas decor, garlands easily $30-60 (for a small one), wreaths $40+ and on from there. I was really excited about getting more into decorating for the holiday season but that came to a screeching halt when I saw these prices! I was determined to do more Christmas on a small budget.  Here is what I ended up with!




I decided to make my own garland, which you see here (I talked about this project in a previous art post)  and although it cost a bit more, I got a larger one and completely personalized.  The wreath above it I picked up at Marshalls ($19.99) for a different spot but it works perfectly here.


I also picked up 2 fresh 25ft garlands from Costco for $15.99 each.  With these garlands I was able to trim them and hang them in 3 different places so a little money went a long way.   Here’s part of one of those garlands, I strung it along our catwalk railing and then hung some Christmas bulbs I already had on it, instantly created a more festive feeling.  I love how it’s not perfect and kind of messy.


More of those fresh garlands I wove through my animal vases on the dining table and sprinkled among them are some red votive candles, I already had on hand.  What a woodsy feel it gives!  In the background you can see our Department 56 village, this was a Christmas gift from my mother in law over the course of a number of years.  The kids always get a kick out of it! (Ignore the lame “snow” I still need to get something better for that)


Here I’ve got our entryway, I added a new plant in the corner which will live there for as long as it lives.  Which I hope is a very long time, I love the life it adds to the entry.  I also picked up a red throw rug at Home Goods for $30 and put our leather ottoman in here with a cozy wool throw.   That’s Tulip, one of our 4 doggies chomping on a bone, of course paying no never mind to me.  I’m surprised I didn’t get more of the dogs in the pics than I did! (They have their own instagram: the_flufftastic_four if you want to see more of their fluffy butts!)


On the entry table I took more of that awesome Costco garland and draped it all the way around the mirror.  I wish these would last forever because I would keep them up year round if they did!  That’s how much I love them.  I also picked up some sparkly tree decorations at Hobby Lobby at 50% off, these trees were some of the more reasonable decor items I found.  I actually picked up quite a few in different colors and styles, the theme quickly became “trees”!



Of course the bar area couldn’t go unnoticed, I placed our nutcrackers from 2 years ago and 2 new trees from Hobby Lobby on here.  There is also our advent Santa Sleigh for the kids, front and center!




The living room is rearranged and I brought in a tray from our master bedroom and placed that on the ottoman by the Christmas tree and put a new shimmery tree with it, more fun trees on the coffee table along with red roses to add to the festiveness.  dsc_0488

A couple of new pillows that I found at Lowes, Lowes!  I know!! I don’t think I’ve ever bought home decor items at Lowes but these pillows are ahhmazing!  Super soft and and snuggly with some gold threaded material and white velvet deer, what’s not to love?  I think these bad boys will be around long after Christmas.


The console table behind the sofa is laden with 2 homemade sock snowmen, courtesy of 2 of my babes, 2 more shimmery trees and a rustic and glittery cone mixture in the tray.  I found this mix at Marshalls for $10 and it even has a soft scent to it which is lovely!


Lastly, here is a shot of the extra large wreath I made for our door 5 years ago, I bought the elements at Hobby Lobby and all in total it cost around $30-$40 whereas to buy this size it would have easily been double.  I love it and highly recommend DIY holiday decor!  It’s easy, they are fun projects you can do with your kids or in peace and quiet after they’ve gone to bed (like me) and saves you big $!


I usually have light up trees on either side of the door, but they got broken last year.  Sniff, sniff.  So I’m currently on the hunt and have a few ideas of what we can do that’s cost effective and beautiful.  I’ll let you know what I come up with, but that’s the last of it!  For all the freshening up of my decor I spent $160, which I feel pretty darn good about.  I hope you have found some new ideas for DIY projects or just some some fun Christmas inspiration as this holiday season I’m all about really enjoying what it means.  Time with family, grateful and thankful for my incredible husband and kiddies and hot cocoa by the fireplace.  It’s time to bake and decorate cookies with my kids and try not to stress out about gift purchasing and scheduling.  I encourage you to stop and take a breath for yourself, enjoy the feel of the season and the warmth it exudes.

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